By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Cargo movement at Brazil’s main ports registered a record in 2015, totaling 1,006 billion tons, according to the Ports Secretary Office. The volume is the highest ever registered in the country, and according to National Water Transport Agency (ANTAQ) officials the forecast is that the country’s ports will set another record in 2016.

Ports in Brazil registered record volume of transport in 2015
Ports in Brazil registered record volume of transport in 2015, photo courtesy of ANTAQ.

According to official data the greatest type of cargo passing through Brazilian ports were bulk solids, responsible for over 62 percent of the movement. This was followed by bulk liquids, with 22.37 percent and containers, with 9.87 percent.

“We are very optimistic with the performance of port in 2016, and believe that we will continue to grow in volume of cargo transported, as seen in 2015,” said Helder Barbalho, head of the Ports Secretary Office.

WebPortos, an information platform created by the government to consolidate the operations at Brazilian ports, reported that the highlight last year in terms of specific cargo was iron ore.

Of the 632,55 million tons of solid bulk transported 364.6, or 57.6 percent was iron ore, followed by soybean products. As for liquid bulk more than half of the 226,22 million (56.4 percent) was petroleum.

The platform also shows that more than 64 percent of products being shipped to and from international markets passed through private terminals, not public ones.

ANTAQ officials say that 2016 will set another record. “Our expectation is that with the improvement in the modus operandi of rail lines, we will set another record in 2016,” said Antaq Mario Povia in an interview to Jornal do Brasil.


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