By Arkady Petrov

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Adjust, the Berlin-based mobile measurement and fraud prevention company, said in its annual Global App Trends report that Indonesia, Brazil, and South Korea are the fastest-growing countries when it comes to the app market.

Composite image of apps interface. (Photo Alamy)

Adjust’s report is based on anonymized data collected over 2018 and across the top 1,000 best-performing apps on the platform. The data set spans over 7 billion installs and 120 billion sessions.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, was the fastest-growing country for app marketers, followed by Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, and Turkey.

Mid-core games experienced the most significant increase in traffic in 2018. Ride-share, ride-hail and taxi apps, along with Sports games also experienced considerable increases in traffic in 2018. Video and streaming came in fourth place, followed closely by Dating apps in the fifth position.

The report also showed that fraud remains a serious issue for mobile marketers — with e-commerce, dating, and banking apps the hardest hit.

There were close to 300 million (269,036,991) fraudulent installs in 2018.

Adjust said Click Injection (a popular type of ad fraud) accounted for almost half of these rejected installs with 48 percent, followed by Click Spam (26 percent), SDK Spoofing (17 percent) and Fake Installs (9 percent).

Dating, banking, and shopping apps topped the list for most affected by ad fraud.



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