By Bruno De Nicola, Senior Contributing Reporter

SALVADOR – The annual Travel-business study by the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), an organization formed by the most important tourism entrepreneurs in the world, ranked Brazil thirteenth in the list of the biggest economies of the sector, holding the same position as last year.

Brazil's Minister of Tourism, Luiz Barreto Filho, photo by Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

The study brings to light the importance of tourism for the entire Brazilian GDP, along with its employment potential and the massive foreign income for the South American country.

Thanks to its 6,000 miles of beaches and strong governmental support programs, Brazil’s tourism sector did very well during the 2009 global economic crises, managing not to loose a point during the international recession.

The future – of the already most desired destination in South America – is bound to become even brighter. The 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games with their strong investments in infrastructure are already causing a great deal of international interest in Brazil.

In addition, the improving of safety issues and Brazil’s image around the world are also boosting up visits, making people feel at ease while touring a country formerly considered to be among the most dangerous of the world.

“Brazil maintaining thirteenth place after the global economy crises is certainly a positive outcome” said Tourism Minister, Luiz Barreto in a press conference about the WTTC study.

Mr. Barreto believes that “the recently released travel-business data bring further strength to the solid international image of a new Brazil”

During the group interview, the Tourism Minister also highlighted the fact that the world considers Brazil to be one of the most promising countries of the planet, “thanks to its economical development and to the incoming investments for the two mass sports events scheduled for the present decade”.

Further data from the WTTC study show that Brazil ranks tenth in terms of tourism GDP and seventh in terms of direct employment in the sector. The Latin American giant also stands fifth in the travel-business world chart for specific investment increase over the past year.

600,000 incoming tourists are foretasted for Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup, a sum that actually represents a 12 percent increase in foreign visitors to the country.

The forecasting data presented in Salvador, Bahia last March by Sports Ministry’s Soccer Secretary, Alcino Rocha, reveal very interesting trends for the country’s economy.

The FIFA mass event will cause the direct employment of 330,000 during the period of time that goes from 2009 to 2014, bringing consumption numbers to increase by R$5.1 billion during the next four years.

The impressively positive trends shown by Mr. Rocha are certainly an effect of the strong infrastructure investments by both private and public investors. R$11.5 billion will be the the overall fund injection for urban mobility projects, from which R$7.7 billion, represent the sum that the Brazilian Government plans to invest.

The WTTC is the forum for business leaders in the Travel & Tourism industry, with chief executives of some 100 of the world’s leading companies as its members.

The 2010 WTTC report, interestingly, ranked Lebanon first worldwide in terms of the growth of its travel and tourism industry, followed by Qatar (10.9 percent) and Sri Lanka (10.2 percent). The WTTC study also points out the global tourism sector economy should grow by 0.5 percent this year after the 4.8 percent decrease in 2009.


  1. I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada. And I work in the casino business. My plan is to use the money I am saving to bring with me to Brasil and live and start a business in the travel & tour business. I have family in Rio also. I like Brasil very much and I am making DVD’s with the pictures from my visits to Brasil to show American’s the beauty of Brasil, (mostly the none tourist areas that are untouched like Hawaii, and Mexico.) and also show the American’s that even with some of the problems in Brasil, America to me is just as dangerous as far as crime. Like in America, you don’t go where you know the area is not safe! (Like Los Angeles that has the most dangerous gangs that prey on “EVERYONE” for no reason at all. Or parts of New York, Washington D.C., Florida!) Yes America is to me more dangerous! So I try my best to bring Americans to Brasil showing what people do or work or even the high tech stuff America does not have yet. Anyway my point is I am looking for my way to start my business and live in Brasil and invest “my” own money to bring tourism to Brasil. Can someone help me with this? The last information I got was almost impossible! Or I need at least $200,000.00 U.S. to just start!? I don’t have $200,000.00! But I do have enough to start a business and get a apartment besides my retierment so I don’t have to rely on the Brasilian government to support me. So Mr. Luis Barreto Filho, can you assist me with my business to bring more “Americans” with there money to Brasil? Again I am using “my own” hard earned money to invest in Brasil Tourism industry and not asking for any money from the Brasilian government. Also I am trying to get Americans to buy property there. But I made sure to tell them only for their family so they can visit Brasil. I told them I like Brasil because it is keeping it’s beauty and not giving in to large hotel chains or corporations that make it look false like Hawaii and Mexico! Fancy Resorts that do not allow people to see all of Brasil instead of keeping them in “their resorts”! The Brasilian people, cultrue, land, make Brasil! Not Resorts! If you can help me Mr.Barreto, or Mr.Nicola, let me know where or how to contact you.

  2. The name of the country is, in English, spelled with a ‘z’, not an ‘s’. Strange that you had missed that, what with your great interest and all.

  3. Good article, especially the facts and figures side of it. Here is another article that asks – if Brazil can become the victim of its own success.


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