By Lisa Flueckiger, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The country may have faced economic challenges over the past few years, but Brazil’s future remains promising for investors and offers many long-term opportunities thanks in part to the hosting of two of the world’s biggest sporting events. For those looking to the country’s prospects, INBrazil offers assistance with all aspects of setting up a business and settling in to life here.

Bustling downtown Rio offers some excellent long-term business opportunities, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Rio and Brazil offer many long-term business opportunities, photo by rafaeloliveira/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

The consulting firm, located in Rio de Janeiro’s ever-expanding neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, specializes in introducing small and mid-sized companies to the Brazilian market. They offer a personalized service through all the steps needed to establish a business, from the necessary documents to relocating and familiarizing staff members with the country.

“INBrazil genuinely cares about our clients and we are very dedicated to serving them well. [Also we provide] information in our blog about how to do business in Brazil and our website is a good source of information for foreign investors, expatriates, immigration and intercultural affairs,” Adiane Mitidiero, founder of the company, told The Rio Times.

Having lived in Europe for eight years, upon her return, Ms. Mitidiero felt the difficulties faced by a lot of foreign companies in Brazil. She founded INBrazil in 2011 to pass on her experience, being able to relate to settling in in a foreign country, as well as being familiar with the Brazilian market.

“Once I became an entrepreneur in Brazil, I also became aware of our clients’ needs and, going through my own experiences, I had the tools to provide the right solutions. That empathy has made INBrazil work, with a well-defined transparency throughout the process and with excellence and operational efficiency,“ she explained.

Although InBrazil is still new to the market, business has been strong. “We are very proud of the accomplishments and recognition of the excellent job carried out by our team, which is always committed to strong values and good, ethical business practice,” Ms. Mitidiero added.

Adiane Mitidiero founded INBrazil in 2011 to pass on her experiences, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Adiane Mitidiero founded INBrazil in 2011 to pass on her experiences, photo courtesy of INBrazil.

One important specialization of INBrazil is in the obtaining of investor visas for their clients. This specific visa, which allows foreigners to settle and set up a business in Brazil, requires an investment of R$150,000.

According to Mitidiero, anyone put off by the cost need not be alarmed, explaining that INBrazil “can show in a quick calculation that, to keep the business running, R$12,000 a month is [actually not] much for paying all the fixed and variable costs, including their own salaries.”

INBrazil also knows how to lead with the hidden difficulties encountered when entering the Brazilian market, often referred to as the “Brazil cost“, be it the bureaucracy, complex legislation or infrastructure shortfalls that can be an unwelcome surprise. The consulting firm has therefore made its policy to always transparently inform their clients about procedures and duration of the steps taken.

“In Brazil, business is done differently, for example the labor culture is different and things do not operate as fast sometimes. A well-made business plan should be set up with us in order to have a return of the investment. Having good partners is the key to being successful in this country,” she continues.

Despite the difficulties, the business environment is showing signs of improvement in Brazil, such as the procedure for working visas being simplified, helping to make Brazil a more attractive market long-term. “We always understood that Brazil was the country of the future. [Therefore] it is important for foreign companies to know that they can make the difference in many sectors, such as regarding technology, best management practices and services.”

* This is a paid Advertorial by INBrazil.

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