By Mary Bolling Blackiston, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Apple launched a campaign this Friday (April 25th) in the U.S. and Canada to correct a defect of the iPhone 5, the campaign will arrive in Brazil on May 2nd, and will then spread to other countries. Apparently the button used to turn the phone on and off sometimes does not work, while sometimes, the button stops working entirely.

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The iPhone 5, photo courtesy of Health Gauge/Flickr Creative Commons License.

The manufacturer states that the problem affects only “a small percentage” of the iPhone 5, made until March 2013. Fortunately, those who have a defected phone can rest assured: the button will be replaced free of charge at an Apple repair store.  

Users can leave the phone in a store or a service center.  If that is too much trouble, it’s also possible to  send the phone back to the company. Once the phone is received, repair will take between four to six days according to the company press statements.

Apple recommends that users backup their data and that all of the content and settings of the iPhone be deleted before the device is sent.

Keep in mind that other damage to the phone, such as a cracked screen, can affect the replacement of the on and off button, and so such repairs must be done beforehand. Also note that if the device is still on the iOS 6 operating system, it should be updated to the current iOs 7 model.

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