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Multioral is unique in that all of its staff speak English, photo by Esther Klein.
Multi Oral is unique in that all of its staff speak English, photo by Esther Klein.

RIO DE JANEIRO – There are few things worse than a toothache. The key word is ‘ache’, and the sharp, constant pain associated with this and other dental problems is only compounded when one doesn’t speak the language of a country.

In Ipanema, home of the super-fit and super-beautiful of Rio, healthy white teeth are certainly not lacking. But what about Gringoes, where can they go to get care if they can’t even explain the dental dilemma in their own language? A smart dentistry on Rua Visconde de Pirajá called Multi Oral has solved the problem, making it easier for foreigners to get treatment in an English-speaking environment.

Often patients who don’t speak Portuguese are intimidated by step foot into a Brazilian doctor’s office. Not only is the language technical, but the environment itself feels more foreign than other spaces, partly because of the intimacy associated with seeing a medical professional.

Esther Klein of Multi Oral explained their solution,” All of our dentists and receptionists speak English. People feel more at ease to communicate, especially at the dentist when sometimes the situation isn’t so comfortable.”

Forty percent of Multi Oral’s patients are Gringoes, and while many are longtime residents of Rio, others combine business or leisure travel with a dental procedure. Medical tourism can be complicated and scary, from juggling one’s medical appointments to making sure the correct files are sent to facilitate a more productive visit.

Here, founders Esther Klein and Carmen Mourão, have streamlined the process. Patients coming from abroad engage in an intense exchange of emails before meeting the dentists. A preliminary treatment plan is made, and photos and X-Rays are analyzed in advance.

As Esther assured, “We are always concerned to offer treatment that can fit into the available time the foreign patient has, and that it be done with care. If the treatment has to be continued in their country, often the case with implants, we conduct our procedures in such a way that it is possible to continue back home. And the implant brand we use, NobelBiocare, is specifically chosen as it can be found in most countries.”

Foreign patients have extra attention. For example, it is common to see Carmen call the patient’s hotel to make sure that ice is sent to the room after surgery, or to make sure that food is adequately prepared.

Their most popular treatments interestingly fall into both the functional and aesthetic categories – implants and enhancement of the smile with resins or porcelains. Implants are a great solution to bring back the comfort and security of eating. People do not speak about this much because it is a “private” situation, but it is nonetheless a joy for those who get back the ability to enjoy food.

As for smile enhancement, Esther commented,” Of course, aesthetic treatments are the part of dentistry that everyone can see. It is about feeling confident and good about yourself in relation to the outside world.”

Children are given special attention at Multi Oral's pediatric dentistry unit, photo by Esther Klein.
Children are given special attention at Multi Oral's pediatric dentistry unit, photo by Esther Klein.

The combination of services and team work is the essence of Multi Oral. Esther explained,” We’ve created a place where the patient can have an integrated treatment with all specialties offered under the same roof. Our dentists meet to discuss and plan incoming treatments, where the case is analyzed by each specialist. This offers our patients a more complete and secure direction to their care.”

Multi Oral has been pampering its patients since 2001, while its founders have thirty years of dental experience between them. Their desire that everyone feels at home in their clinic, combined with excellent care, have contributed to more beautiful and happy smiles in Ipanema – and with their sizable Gringo patient list – around the world.

This article is a paid advertorial for Multi Oral.


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