By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – At the crescendo of negative news about the Latin American giant and BRICS member, some savvy investors are realizing the ‘Brazil is for sale’, and there may be no better time to leverage the weakened currency and the lack of confidence in the local markets. Financial planners are looking for ways to take advantage of the economic environment and help their clients navigate the terrain.

Amit recommends that US expatriates review their year-end tax planning, photo curtesy of Ipanema Wealth.
Amit Ramnani recommends that expatriates review their financial planning targets, photo curtesy of Ipanema Wealth.

Amit Ramnani, of Ipanema Wealth, offers direct advice for expatriates in the wake of recent market volatility. “We’ve had a rather dramatic start to 2016 with the Chinese shares falling by over twenty percent and oil slipping below the US$30 mark. How sensitive are global markets to a slump in Chinese growth? Will the low oil price provide a boost to growth or continue to affect the energy sector, a big component of market cap and pension funds?”

In January, the FTSE 100 and Dow Jones fell by three percent and 6.5 percent respectively (at January 29, 2016). Such movements are enough to cause concern for anyone holding equities in their portfolio.

Ramnani explains, “I advise my clients to take a long-term view. New buying opportunities present themselves and of course, markets may fall even more or merely plateau in the short-term but can we predict this with accuracy? Most asset managers we use are bullish on equities in developed markets and certain emerging markets.”

Warning against fear and inertia, despite the continuing stream of negative media, Ramnani continues, “If one procrastinates and holds their Dollar or Euro savings in cash, over say ten years, they could lose between 20 and 40 percent in real terms, even in a low inflation environment.”

“Modern, lower-cost and flexible investment solutions are available on the international market and expatriates would benefit from talking to us. We offer a complete 360 degree approach to ensure long-term stability for our clients and their families.”

Disclaimer: Ipanema Wealth provides an advisory service and does not engage in capital markets or the selection of financial instruments. For more information, please submit a specific enquiry via their website here.

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