By Fiona Hurrell, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Wine is one of the oldest and most popular things to drink in the world, but finding a good wine is not always an easy task, especially in Brazil. Now a new Rio-based wine distributor and club, aptly named Fine Wines is ready to help lovers of vinho across Brazil and beyond find exactly what suites their taste and explore new treasures.

Tony Kemenesi at a vineyard in Calatayud, Spain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News.
Tony Kemenesi at a vineyard in Calatayud, Spain, photo supplied by Fine Wines.

Swedish expatriate Tony Kemenesi has been living in Rio for three years now, and in launching Fine Wines, brings his in-depth experience and knowledge to help customers in their selection and understanding. He explains, “I have worked professionally with wine since 1999 when I graduated as a sommelier in Stockholm, Sweden.”

He goes on to add “There is a lot of wine on the market and sometimes it can be hard for the consumer to know what to chose, Fine Wines together with it’s committee want to help the consumer with the selection. Since I haven’t seen this specific service in Brazil yet, I decided to set up Fine Wines.”

Fine Wines however is more than just a supplier. The company prides themselves on their extensive expertise, stocking only the best wines which must either come with high regard from the international wine press or carry the seal of approval from the company’s own committee of experts.

Many of the wines listed come from Chile and Argentina since these are in greater supply than Brazilian wines yet the selection process ensures that each and every one is of the highest standard.

Kemenesi describes “The Brazilian market is dominated by wines from Chile and Argentina, but I try to chose wines with expression of ‘Terroir’ which expresses the taste and smell of the place where they have been grown. Often it turns out to be smaller producers with limited production that focus on quality.”

Tony Kemenesi at a wine tasting event, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News.
Tony Kemenesi at a wine tasting event, photo supplied by Fine Wines.

Despite the high number of Argentinian and Chilean names, Kemenesi is confident that Brazilian wine is set to make its mark very soon, stating, “I think the awareness of Brazilian wines is growing and now with all the events coming to Brazil it could have greater exposure to foreigners.”

Members of Fine Wines are guaranteed great deals on a wide selection of wines from some of the most respected wine producing regions across South America and Europe. Furthermore, members will have access to the company professional’s knowledge and personal advice.

One of the most exciting options Fine Wines has is the wine club which offers a monthly delivery of 4-6 wines (R$300, a ten percent discount) or 8-12 wines (R$600, a fifteen percent discount) to your home. This is a great way to try new wines recommended by the experts, and also the perfect gift for someone that has everything.

As an added bonus, members will receive regular invites to wine events such as tastings and dinners as well as the opportunity to meet with the wine makers themselves and learn about wine and its many processes.

When not sourcing new wines, Kemenesi has proved to be an invaluable source of advice to restaurants and has helped put together dinner parties and wine tastings for the company’s members. “I get together with a good restaurant and I supply 3 wines and we decide together with the chef a matching menu to the wines. We give the customer the chance to try several food dishes and wines at an affordable price,” he describes.

Fine Wines deliver to all major cities and regions in Brazil with experts available to answer questions or offer advice. To learn more about the different wine sold, latest offers and how to become a member, visit the Fine Wines website.

* This is a paid Advertorial by Fine Wines.


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