By Shalina Chatlani, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL- The FAETEC faculty (Technical Support Foundation School) in Rio de Janeiro is offering free courses geared toward the food industry. According to government press, the program has helped many entrepreneurs open their own businesses, so that they can deliver their culinary services to the public.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Priscilla Pereira former FAETEC student works in her new self-owned sweet and salty snack shop, photo by Maurício Pingo/ IMPRENSA RJ.

Former student, Priscilla Pereira, is only 23 years old, and after completing a FAETEC course in development, was able to open her own shop of sweets and salty snacks in a gallery situated in the plaza of Inhaúma in Zona Norte (North Zone).

She plans on returning to the FAETEC institution and taking another course to expand her business. “Becoming a business owner is not easy, but we are doing well. Before, we bought and resold [food product]. But, now do everything here, including making pies and cupcakes,” said Pereira.

The president of the FAETEC, Wagner Victer, feels that the school is a successful institution. “The FAETEC is an institution that strives for excellence in teaching, and seeks to be aligned with the economic demands of the State of Rio de Janeiro. We know that people crave personal growth, so our methodology has this particular focus,” he said.

“We have many indicators of success over the years, but the best of them is to know that our students are very well evaluated by the labor market, either at the time of hiring or throughout their professional career and feel safe to undertake because of the quality our courses,” said Victer.

Pereira also affirms that the foundation provides quality teachers, despite the courses being free. “Besides being free, the FAETEC have quality teachers, and I learned everything in practice,” she said.

Foreign entrepreneurs on permanent visa or a visa obtained through marriage can also get involved in the courses, and will find that there are several company classification options depending upon gross annual revenue. More detailed information about how to set up a small Brazilian business (ME, PPE or MEI) can be found on the SEBRAE website.


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