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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – As one of the leading dental clinics in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema-based orthodontist Dr. Gustavo Bastos has now also launched Face Dental in BarraShopping, expanding their premium level dental-care services to Barra da Tijuca. Fluent in English and German, Dr. Bastos has built strong relationships with the foreign community in Rio, and now is able to offer the clinic’s premium services to more expatriates and travelers in the city.

Gustavo Bastos, Orthodontics and Dental Care, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Dr. Bastos on TV Globo’s Show “Bem Estar” talking about dentistry and new esthetic treatment options, photo recreation.

Perhaps the strongest feature of Gustavo Bastos dentistry for adults and children is the sophisticated use of technology, and forward trending treatments, such as Invisilign and Incognito braces. Also the use of cloud-based technology has updated the management and administration methods of his practice providing greater efficiency for both staff and patients.

Yet there is no substitute for interpersonal communication when dealing with healthcare, and Steven Bainbridge from UK, a patient of the Gustavo Bastos clinic, explained, “Gustavo has an excellent command of English and an excellent personality/demeanor.”

Adding, “This was critical at the outset when he was explaining the technicalities of all the different treatment options available to me. It also helps during each consultation when he explains how the braces are working and what is happening with each adjustment.”

Still, Bainbridge points out it is not just the language and communication that sets the clinic above others. “What is truly worthy of recognition is the whole experience. My experience with Gustavo and all his team has been excellent.” he explained.

“Every aspect, from the discussions at the outset of the different types of treatment options available, the booking of appointments with Paula at the front desk, out of hours consultations when my busy travel schedule would often change at the last minute and Gustavo would see me on a Sunday before I travelled, and more generally, the experience and interaction during each and every consultation. The whole process really is excellent.”

Gustavo Bastos has now also launched Face Dental in BarraShopping, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Gustavo Bastos has now also launched Face Dental in BarraShopping, image recreation.

Another patient, Annett Heide from Germany agrees, and explains “[Dr. Bastos] applied my daughters braces. In her case, it was a bit difficult because she has two teeth missing. Gustavo outlined three different options of treatment, the advantages and disadvantages of each. He did not insist on one of them, just explained thoroughly and neutrally.”

Annett continues, “I find that very convincing and the best thing a doctor can do. Builds a lot of trust. Previously we had orthodontists in New York and Berlin. The person in Berlin I did not like because she did not explain well.[…]. But I think Gustavo and the others are all working in the same range, Gustavos team is super nice and his office modern, clean and appealing. Same thing in Berlin and New York.

The recently launched Face Dental office in BarraShopping is course excited to help any Olympic travelers and athletes that may need dental care, as well as the expat community residing in Barra da Tijuca . The new clinic is an extension of the Gustavo Bastos practice, and new and existing patients should continue to expect the best from the new location.

Find out more by contacting:
Gustavo Bastos Ortodontia e Estética
Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro
Tel: +55 (21) 2267-8373 / (21) 2513-2385
License number: CRO-RJ 22156

Face Dental Odontologia
BarraShopping, Centro Médico II
Av Das Americas, 4666, Sala 407, Barra Da Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro
Tel: +55 (21) 3089-1580 / (21) 3089-1581

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