By Lisa Flueckiger, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Since August 2012 Ipanema-based orthodontics clinic Gustavo Bastos offers the revolutionary Incognito Hidden Braces. The customized braces are attached to the inner side of the teeth and guarantee an orthodontic treatment without compromising your smile, and have now been improved.

Dr. Gustavo Kreuzig Bastos' orthodontist office in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Dr. Gustavo Bastos’ orthodontist office in Ipanema, photo by Cristina Lacerda.

Incognito has been the most advanced method on the market and can treat any kind of teeth misplacement, from simple alignment to extraction cases and is for young patients, as well as adults. It guarantees beautiful smiles without the social embarrassment of regular fixed braces.

Joost van Hout, an expatriate patient wearing Incognito braces, wouldn’t have had the treatment done, if he had to wear normal braces. “Because I travel a lot to the U.S. and Europe I did not want to have regular braces at 32 so this really was the perfect solution.“

“People don’t realize you’re wearing braces at all unless you point it out to them. One or two people have told me that they thought I had a bunch of new fillings when I laughed out loud but they are really very discrete,” he continues.

Dr. Gustavo Bastos explains the treatment, “Incognito braces work like regular braces (fixed braces) and have the advantage of being a hundred percent esthetic. It is very different from other lingual braces, since each bracket is computed designed for each single tooth. The treatment is a hundred percent customized for the patient.”

Incognito results during the first four months of treatment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Incognito results during the first four months of treatment, photo courtesy of Dr. Gustavo Bastos.

The customization of gold brackets, which are placed on the backside of the teeth, and the bending of the wires by robot also reduce the chair time of the patient, making this treatment not only comfortable, but also very efficient.

“I was looking for something discreet and was pleased when presented with the latest technology that Gustavo is introducing in Rio from 3M. It took me a few weeks to get used to it and from there on it did not bother me at all,” Joao Aguiar, another Incognito patient of Dr. Bastos’s clinic explains.

“Of course it requires discipline with hygiene as any other bracket but it is great to talk to people and change something on your look without having to go through the motions of explanations and comments,” Aguiar shared.

“They are really very comfortable. In the very beginning it’s a strange feeling to have braces behind your teeth and they can cause minor discomfort but nothing serious, certainly much less than I had expected. […] I got used to it very quickly,” Mr. van Hout added.

The latest development is the offer of Incognito lite braces for less challenging cases with fewer brackets, and hence a lower cost. In general, Dr. Gustavo Bastos tries to keep up with the latest technologies and new developments and regularly attends international courses, which makes him the most attended orthodontist for Incognito in Brazil.

His clinic is conveniently located in Ipanema and features state-of-the art equipment, making it one of the most modern clinics in Rio. He speaks English and German (as well as Portuguese) and ensures a friendly atmosphere in his clinic, where patients are continuously informed about their procedures and can feel at ease.

Gustavo Bastos Ortodontia e Estética
Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 2267-8373 / (21) 2513-2385

License number: CRO-RJ 22156

* This is a paid Advertorial by Gustavo Bastos Ortodontia e Estética.


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