By Fiona Hurrell, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Finding a lawyer in Rio can be a tricky business, especially for an expatriate or foreigner who may be unfamiliar with the language and local customs. Thankfully, Alves Jacob Advogados (Lawyers) has been assisting foreigners and the expatriate community for years with legal issues concerning visas, marriages, property ownership and much more.

Alessandro Alves Jacob has been representing foreigners for years and comes highly recommended by the expatriate community,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News.
Alessandro Alves Jacob has been representing foreigners for years and comes highly recommended by the expatriate community, Lawyer-Rio-de-Janeiro.

Leading lawyer and practice founder Alessandro Alves Jacob is well-regarded for his negotiation skills, trustworthy advice and team of first-rate defense attorneys. Above all, however, Jacob is particularly adept at dealing with issues regarding foreigners living in Rio.

Mr. Jacob explains, “I have spent the last twenty years protecting [the foreign community] with legal services, since I was a paralegal in a big International Law Firm.”

Jacob’s extensive experience in visas, divorces, business, criminal defenses, contracts, will writing, trust, estate and guardianship have ensured that he comes strongly recommended by his expat clients.

Paddy Chee, an Irish citizen who has previously lived in Singapore and the U.S. but has since settled in Copacabana, worked with Alves Jacob in 2008. He describes the transaction as smooth and efficient.

“I wanted to find a way to live in Brazil legally with the correct type of visa; six months later [Alves Jacob] succeeded in getting me a permanent visa that happily allowed me to move to Brazil from the U.S., I would recommend him to foreigners wanting to move to Brazil. Alessandro is an excellent lawyer,” Mr. Chee states.

Despite the high number of practicing Lawyers in the city, finding a reliable one who can successfully negotiate difficult issues surrounding foreigners settling in Brazil is not an easy task.

There is a minefield of problems that can occur if a foreigner enters an agreement with a Lawyer who is not sufficiently aware of the more delicate processes, such as those applicable to foreign immigration or business acquisition.

Alessandro Alves Jacob pictured here in his office, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News.
Alessandro Alves Jacob pictured here in his office, Lawyer-Rio-de-Janeiro.

Will Jones is also a client of Alves Jacob who understands the degree of work involved in certain cases, particularly immigration, where one will almost certainly require expert assistance.

He reveals, “The immigration process is complicated and it is better to have a lawyer. Alessandro is a lawyer that knows the ins-and-outs of the process.”

Primarily, experience is the key factor in finding a good lawyer, says Jacob, who’s personalized approach has been well received by those he represents.

Civil Law client Michael states “Alves Jacob Law Firm have treated all my matters with honesty and integrity. They have always returned my calls promptly and I will continue using them for my business.”

When not representing clients, Jacob uses his extensive experience of Brazilian law to pen a number of published articles and regularly gives talks at prestigious events such as the annual International Bar Association conference.

Understanding their foreign clients is one of the reasons Alves Jacob remains a highly sought after practice. To find out more about the firm and their many specialties, visit the website

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  1. Hello there,
    My grand father was born in Brazil Rio de Janeiro and he left Brazil young to go back to Lebanon and during the war here in Lebanon unfortunately he lost his Brazilian documents, we are now looking to retake the Brazilian nationality if possible. I asked the Brazilian embassy here in Lebanon and they informed me that i have to find a good lawyer in Rio de janeiro to refind the official paper that give us a prove that my Grand Father was born there .
    Waiting your reply.


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