By Xiu Ying

BRASILIA, BRAZIL – Biotic S/A, Huawei, and the Federal District Government will sign an agreement this week to begin the testing phase of the first permanent 5G area in Brazil, at the Parque Tecnológico de Brasília.

Parque Tecnológico de Brasília - Technological Park of Brasilia.
Parque Tecnológico de Brasília — Technological Park of Brasilia. (Photo internet reproduction)

Unlike 4G technology, 5G enables devices to be connected simultaneously. In addition to higher speed to surf the internet, the user will be able to connect up to a thousand items, such as houses, cars, and home appliances, via the internet on their cell phones. The network may also use up to 90 percent less power.

The agreement encompasses Biotic S/A, aiming to promote changes in the economic structure of the Federal District through the implementation and management of the Technological Park of Brasília, in partnership with Chinese company Huawei, the largest smartphone producer in the world and supplier of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions.

In this testing phase, access will be restricted to Biotic’s area, next to Granja do Torto, and will only be expanded to the population when the National Telecommunication Agency (Anatel) launches the 5G auction in Brazil. This is likely to occur between the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021.

After the start of the testing phase, periodic seminars, lectures, and events will take place, open to the community and to schools in Brasília, where 5G-adapted equipment will be provided. Participants can thus experience surfing the fifth generation of mobile internet.

Everardo Gueiros, DF’s Special Projects Secretary, emphasizes that the local Executive intends to turn Brasília “into a cradle of technology and development in these areas.” On one front, it aims to increasingly encourage the development of startups. “We believe that the advent of 5G will boost these enterprises in the Federal District,” he said.

The signing of the agreement will take place on Wednesday, June 26th, at 11 am, at the Buriti Palace, and will be attended by Governor Ibaneis Rocha. Huawei will talk about 5G and how this technology can contribute to a “capital of the future.”


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