By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – A recent survey shows that Brazilians continue to rate U.S. brands as the most influential and inspiring the greatest confidence, especially technology-based companies. This year’s survey shows Google ranking top, followed by YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft.

A list of the most popular brands in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
A list of the most popular brands in Brazil is toped by technology, image Divulgação.

“This demonstrates that, in the current conjuncture, the participants chose reference marks that establish a bond of trust and that transform the lives of Brazilians through technology and new formats of entertainment,” says Leda Kayano, Managing Director of Ipsos Marketing.

Adding, “It is interesting to see how much the Social Responsibility dimension is valued in the scenario of moral and political crisis that Brazil is going through.”

The study, dubbed “The Most Influential Brands” and in its fifth edition in Brazil, was conducted in eighteen other countries by Ipsos, a market survey company, which evaluates brands and their power of influence on daily life and consumer behavior.

Other top ten companies among Brazilian consumers include Nestlé, Netflix, Colgate, and Brazil’s Havaianas and Caixa. Although there are two Brazilian companies among the top influencers, U.S. companies continue to lead the way in consumer confidence brands.

“Brazilian realize corruption is rampant. Through private enterprises and government. [So even though] they dislike it, when it comes to selecting consumer brands, they always have and prefer U.S. brands,” says Billy D. Aldea-Martinez, Latin America’s Regional Director for technology provider Piano Software Inc.

According to Ipsos, in 2016, in Brazil, drivers who had the greatest influence in the influence were Leadership / Innovation (37 percent), Social Responsibility (23 percent) and Confidence (21 percent).


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