By Renato Vieira, London-Brazil Advertorial

London-Brazil at the World Travel Market, photo provided by London-Brazil.
London-Brazil at the World Travel Market, photo provided by London-Brazil.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Moving to another country because of work is a daunting task. The thought of leaving behind all that is familiar for a life in a country that you are not used to and where the locals may have unfamiliar customs, or worse still not speak your language!

Then add in the fact that you have a wife and children who will also be wrenched from their lives and thrown into a complete new world. While the worker disappears off every day to the relative safety of the office, the family is left dealing with a new daily routine that involves lots of gesticulating, waving and pointing in order to buy the simplest of groceries.

London Brazil was conceived as company to help people make this move. A service to assist in finding accommodation in their new country of residence for the next year or more. To speak to the locals in their language, knowing all the local ‘customs’ that make these processes work.

london-brazil_300x600_v3For example, only locals know that in Brazil bank holidays can occur on any day of the week which often leads to additional days off when it is impossible to do anything, except join everyone else at the beach! This is something that London-Brazil offers to our clients, a Personal Relationship Manager with ‘local’ knowledge and understanding of how things work in the real world.

Another example is helping clients shop for furniture, which on Sundays means getting a late start, as shopping malls open at 10am but the shops don’t open until 2pm! There is only so much window shopping you can do.

So, London-Brazil is now helping people relocate to Brazil. We help people transfer their lives here; opening bank accounts, setting up utilities, finding furniture and getting familiarized with the local area. It is proving to be an invaluable service for people who find that, without speaking the language, getting even simple tasks done can be….frustrating.

It also helps eliminate a Brazilian phenomenon – the special ‘Gringo’ price. Despite your best Portuguese, once they hear your overseas accent the prices mysteriously alter. Something we have tried and tested several times here over the years. Enterprising some call it. The art of negotiation, maybe. Being ripped off….well it is all relative as sometimes what people want to charge you isn’t expensive by overseas standards but it is at best cheeky!

We recently helped a manager from KPMG, Mr. Daniel Ricica, move to Rio de Janeiro from Canada. He was extremely pleased with the service he received from London-Brazil. Early in his move, with another relocation agent, he was temporarily living in a hotel with his wife and baby daughter.

Mr. Daniel Ricica and family in Rio, photo provided by Daniel Ricica.
Mr. Daniel Ricica and family in Rio, photo provided by Daniel Ricica.

One day his daughter became feverish and he wanted to take her to a local hospital or doctor to get checked out. He contacted his relocation agent who emailed him back without the sense of urgency and care he was looking for. Not a good situation for a man who doesn’t speak Portuguese or know the local area well.

It was then that Daniel contacted us. We realized he needed more direct help and arranged for him to be collected by car by one of our relationship managers. We took him to a local doctor where we arranged for his daughter to be seen straight away. Luckily nothing serious was wrong. However, parents need that reassurance and they were very relieved to have been looked after so well when they needed it.

Mr. Ricica offers, “London-Brazil anticipated our needs, and responded to our issues very quickly and efficiently throughout the entire settlement process from Canada to Brazil, but most importantly they valued our time and saw that we could focus on what we came here to do, which was work and live in Brazil. They were always there for us when we needed them.”

It is this extra attention to detail and personal care that make London-Brazil a premium service. So relax, let London-Brazil help you make the most of your time here, and take the stress out of your trip.

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