By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – While no one places a trip to the dentist high on the list of fun things to do for the day, oral health is a part of life. Now especially with the currency exchange rates as it is, many foreigners are having dental treatment in Rio’s premier clinics, and not just for emergency situations, but for preventative care as well.

Multi Oral dental office in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Fast and painless procedures can get you back on the beach quickly, photo provided by Multi Oral.

In fact preventative dental care is a relatively new movement in the area of oral health, and Ipanema-based dental clinic Multi Oral is a leader in the field. Dr. Esther Klein, partner at Multi Oral explains, “Preventative medical care has become considered a better approach to health, and it has been seen successful around the world.”

Adding, “It allows people to deal with medical issues before they turn into a crisis situation, which is often more expensive and certainly more traumatic. The concept has reached the dental health sector as well, and Multi Oral is embracing it.”

As an example, Dr. Klein shares a recent patient situation at Multi Oral. “We saw a patient recently, an English girl who had a emergency root canal which required three visits and a crown, which in this case cost about R$3,500 after it was all done because of how damaged the root was. More importantly for her were the days and nights of pain before she was convinced she needed to find a dentist.”

However with a preventative focus, the dental clinic of Multi Oral was able to catch other serious problems before they became a crisis. “In a follow up appointment with her, as part of our general new patient check-up and evaluation, we saw another problem. There was damage under another filling that if not caught soon would have become a serious issue and required another root canal.”

Children are given special attention at Multi Oral's pediatric dentistry unit.
Children are given special attention at Multi Oral’s pediatric dentistry unit, photo courtesy of Multi Oral.

Dr. Klein continues, “By catching it early we were able to clean out the infected area, save the root, and a much simpler procedure was performed, saving both time and money. These things happen, sometimes we go for years without perceiving any health problems, and sometimes there will be a few things that happen at once.”

Dr. Klein explains, “Dental problems build up slowly over time and usually take a while until any symptoms are felt. The focus for Multi Oral now is to keep a continuous watch on our patients dental health to prevent major traumatic issues, both in pain and discomfort, and of course cost.”

At the forefront of this focus on preventative dental health is Multi Oral the multi-lingual clinic founded by Dr Esther Klein and Dr Carmen Mouråo in 2001, who combined share over thirty years of dentistry experience. Multi Oral is located in the heart of Rio’s Zona Sul (South Zone) in Ipanema’s Rua Visconde de Pirajá 433, between the streets Garcia D’Avila and Maria Quitéria.

* This is a Sponsored article by Multi Oral Dental Clinic.


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