By Sarah Coursey, Editor

Susie Baboni, the pharmacologist-entrepreneur behind Lanni Blanc Cosmetique, photo by Guto Escobar.
Susie Baboni, the pharmacologist-entrepreneur behind Lanni Blanc Cosmetique, photo by Guto Escobar.

RIO DE JANEIRO – The telenovela sensation of 2009, Caminho das Índias (Road to India), contained an unforgettable scene in which the character Melissa Cadore explains the secret of beautiful, youthful skin to her domestic maid. She offers the advice,” We must talk to our cells all day long. We have to make friends with all the cells of our body. They can be our best friends or our worst enemies.” Melissa’s personality was often exaggerated for comedic effect, yet this particular moment contains more truth than fiction, especially in relation to the cutting edge of neurocosmetics.

The Lanni Blanc line of cosmetics, set to launch in Brazil this summer, takes the wisdom of cellular communication between the brain and skin and brings it to a higher level. Combining the richness of Brazilian plant extracts and refined aromas from France and Spain, the innovative products are sure to cause a sensation in Brazil.

Its founder, Susie Baboni, is a 34-year-old woman originally from Rio Claro, in São Paulo state. A woman who understands the science of beauty, she is trained in industrial pharmacology, homeopathy and cosmetology. Baboni has already built a successful career as the owner and operator of a chain of pharmacies in the southern Brazilian city of Passo Fundo, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Baboni is not alone in the pushing of the proverbial skin care envelope. She is following in the footsteps of Dr. Perricone and The Body Shop, early adaptors of neurocosmetics.

Proof of its potency, the topic inaugurated the program of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) in 2007. The field is still emerging, and those that arrive to market at this stage are certain to gain ground in client loyalty and product sales.

Lanni Blanc offers the medical know-how that results in younger-looking skin with an added twist – feminine, discreet packaging that recalls elegance, grace and classical beauty – far from the backroom chemistry doing the real work to keep the skin beautiful. Baboni gets what women want – guaranteed results without sacrificing the romance attached to a top beauty product.

The Lanni Blanc Cosmetique skincare product line to launch this summer, photo by Susie Baboni.
The Lanni Blanc Cosmetique skincare product line to launch this summer, photo by Susie Baboni.

Baboni understands the truth in the somewhat comic scene from the novel affectionately referred to many as simply Caminho. She offered, “Everything for me is energy; the form in which we treat our mind and body will have repurcussions on our beauty, and therefore having a conversation with our cells is quite appropriate.”

The Lanni Blanc skin care range in fact utilizes neurocosmetic principles to conduct so-called conversations with cells. Baboni explained that the active ingredients in Lanni Blanc communicate through neuropeptides, which are small protein-like molecules found in both the brain and skin. Their function is to stimulate collagen production and cellular regeneration – two essential activities which combat the signs of aging.

Baboni added, “Compared to big cosmetic brands, Lanni Blanc is prepared to hit the market with the advantage of applied neurocosmetic technology and great consideration for the ingredients put into every product. We are certain that the line will far exceed the expectations of our target clients, who are women of class and sophistication from around the world.”

Gringos and Cariocas alike can travel to São Paulo to be first in line to try the products and treatments at the flagship Lanni Blanc spa, set to open in early 2010. The products will be distributed directly from the website, and may also be available at select spas and pharmacies in Rio later in the year.




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