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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Avid gaming fanatics have been left frustrated after finding that many stores in Brazil have failed to fully stock the new release of the gaming console Xbox One after the product was launched a week ago in twelve different countries. Manufacturer Microsoft says that a “high demand” of the product has left several retailers without the popular console and also no indication as to when more devices can be delivered.

 XBox One console game, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The price of the new XBox One console game is nearly R$2,300 in Brazil, photo by Holek/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

The Xbox One was officially launched in Brazil during a ceremony in São Paulo and hit stores on November 21st. Even though the console is being manufactured in the Brazilian city of Manaus, several stores have been left without the new Xbox.

In an interview with O Globo at the Xbox One’s launching ceremony, the retail director of Microsoft Brazil Simon Francis admitted that the game had been lacking in many stores “due to the high demand for the device,” but revealed that he is backing factories to continue supplying stores across the country.

“We know it will be one of the most popular products for Christmas,” he said. “We’ll make a great effort to manufacture more Xbox One units daily and meet consumer demand,” he added.

The price of the console in Brazil is nearly R$2,300 (US$1,000) – and will be selling for US$500 in the U.S. – but this has not slowed demand. In fact, very few gamers have been able to leave stores with the brand new product under their arms. Despite the fact that retailers ordered numerous units for its official launch day this week, Microsoft was only able to deliver very few units.

According to the press service of high street stores Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio, consumers could not find the new Xbox console in its stores in shopping malls, but found them on their websites. Furthermore, an official from Barra Shopping revealed that there has been a delay in receiving the console and that the shopping center has no indication as to when they will receive more.

Last month it was reported that Sony’s new PlayStation 4 would cost R$3,999 (US$1,845) in Brazil, while major retailers in the U.S. will offer it at a base price of around US$400. Of the R$3,999 price, 63 percent goes toward paying import taxes when it’s imported to Brazil, Sony says.

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