By Stephanie Foden, Contributing Reporter

SALVADOR, BRAZIL – Being away from family and friends is one of the hardest parts about traveling and living abroad. Fortunately, there are more options than ever to stay in touch with loved ones, making the distance seem somewhat smaller, and through services like Pingo they are becoming more affordable and convenient.

While social media, email and video chatting can work great given a reliable internet connection and the proper hardware, it’s comforting to know you can call someone or be contacted at any time from your home country. This might seem like an expensive thought – but with an international calling service such as Pingo, this can be possible without paying cost-prohibitive fees.

The prepaid communication service, which has a 95 percent customer retention rate, is a great choice for holiday and business travelers, as well as expatriates. On their secure and easy-to-use website, consumers can browse and purchase the different options for staying in touch through long-distance calling.

Pingo allows users to enjoy access from over thirty countries, making it an ideal service for friends and family out of country to call Brazil. After signing up for the prepaid service, dial the local or toll-free access number for the country the customer is calling from. Then enter the custom-made Pingo PIN – this step can be skipped with PINpass by registering phones while signing up.

Next, the call can be placed by dialing 011 + country code + phone number and #. There is a speed dial option to limit the final step to just two digits if you have regular access to a phone. The EZ Dial mobile app for is also available for download.

For those without a phone, the user-friendly Pingo Soft Phone is a way to make calls online using a computer from more than 200 countries. There is no need to download any software, as the phone is available on Pingo’s website.

Pingo also has a convenient online account and auto recharge feature to keep track of calls, as well as a live bilingual support center to assist members should they run into any difficulties. The prepaid calling service’s competitive rates range on plan, country calling to and from, but typically cost a few cents per minute.

The calling service Pingo is the brainchild of iBasis, which is a subsidiary company of the Dutch national carrier KPN, which delivers over two billion international phone call minutes a month. The iBasis Network is one of the largest international telecommunications services in the world. In addition to Pingo’s Internet program, iBasis offers mobile data services and over 240 prepaid calling card brands.

For anyone traveling, in Brazil or elsewhere, the service offers a level of comfort that no matter what your connectivity options are, you’ll be able to connect to the people you want to. This is especially comforting in Brazil where mobile connections and internet cafes can prove patchy, usually at the worst possible moment.

This is a paid Advertorial by Pingo.


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