By Lisa Flueckiger, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Getting around the city by public transportation just got more expensive. On Saturday, June 1st, fares for Rio de Janeiro buses climbed from R$2.75 to R$2.95, a 7.27 percent increase from the previous price.

Rio Bus Fares to Increase, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
One of the city’s buses in Zona Sul (South Zone), photo by Eduardo P/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

Originally scheduled for January, the price hike was put off by the city’s Prefeitura due to high inflation at the beginning of the year.

This fare increase comes amid a series of bus accidents and safety concerns in Rio’s public transportation system as the city attempts to modernize its mass transit offerings ahead of the upcoming international sports games.

The new price was calculated using indices from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IBGE). Their figures take into account costs of material, such as gas and tires, as well as labor expenses.

With the introduction of a new price also comes the end of fare differences between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses – the new amount of R$2.95 is valid for all city buses.

This also brings an end to the six different tariffs for air-conditioned buses, which depended on the overall distance the vehicles covered. Now, only inter-city buses can charge at a different rate.

Additionally, the bus fare increase will also raise prices for the Barra Expresso and the Bus and Metro combination tickets (known as Integração) to R$4.50. The price tag on a one-way ride on Rio’s Metrô had already gone from R$3.20 to R$3.50 in April.

Rio de Janeiro is not the only major city where passengers will need extra change to pay for their mass transit commutes. Both the buses and subway in São Paulo also increased their prices on June 2nd. Rides will now cost R$3.20 instead of R$3.00.

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  1. A big mistake to increase a bus’s prices. Because, we haven’t got any structure in buses and public transport and then population have been gotten to paid more and more. It’s ridiculous.

  2. What the Curmudgeon wants to know is, why on earth do Brazilians not round up centavos? Why didn’t Rio set the new fare at exactly R$3,00? The “cobradores” who receive cash on the buses are NOT going to have 5 centavo coins enough to make change, people are going to be upset they don’t get change.
    Agreed, would be a slightly higher increase, but the solution is just to wait another month or three before granting any further increase.
    The same is true for the Dutra, where the tolls recently went from R$9,50 to R$10,10 — why the extra 10 centavos?


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