By Stephen Eisenhammer, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The third Rio Gas Forum, organized by CWC and part of their Global Gas Series, will be held in Rio de Janeiro March 20th to March 22nd. The conference will be held at the Copacabana Palace and hosted by Rio based Petrobrás, Brazil’s majority-state-owned energy giant.

The third Rio Gas Forum 2012, will be held at Copacabana Palace from March 20th till March 22nd, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The third Rio Gas Forum 2012, will be held at Copacabana Palace from March 20th till March 22nd, photo by CWC Group.

“What makes Rio Gas Forum unique is its truly exclusive feel. The forum attracts very senior level representatives from Petrobrás, ANP and gas companies both present already in Brazil or with an interest to enter the market,” explained Gustavo Aranda, Senior Marketing Manager for CWC.

“Attending the conference will give delegates the opportunity to hear about the strategies of Petrobrás and the major players in the industry and identify business opportunities. The agenda covers the entire value chain, from exploration and production to power generation and petrochemicals,” Aranda added.

With Brazil only just beginning to develop the infrastructure around exploiting its vast natural gas reserves, the conference is an important platform for discussion and networking in the industry. As the sector grows quickly, investors are keen to get involved and Aranda explained that the forum’s size allows for unrivaled access to the key decision-makers in the industry.

“The networking opportunities are second to none and delegates will have access to very senior executives from Petrobrás and the large operators that are not often seen together in one place.” Aranda describes.

Since the discovery of abundant oil reserves in Brazil’s deep water pre-salt region in 2007 the country has been placed under the international spotlight, with oil companies from all over the world seeking to expand their operations or enter the market.

Event Rio Gas Forum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Event Rio Gas Forum, photo by CWC Group.

The development of natural gas supplies however, is an important part of Brazil’s ten year energy plan. The eventual aim is to become self-sufficient and eliminating costly imports of the liquefied natural gas which is used to fill occasional energy deficits resulting from poor hydroelectric performance.

“Given its vast gas reserves and the position of Brazil as a leading economy, not just in Latin America, but also in global terms, there is a key role for the country to play both as a producer and as a consumer of natural gas,” Aranda noted.

One central subject of conversation at the conference is bound to be Petrobrás’ imminent final investment decision on whether the company will choose to go ahead with the construction of a state-of-the-art floating gas liquefaction facility. The facility would liquefy gas offshore avoiding expensive long-distance sub sea pipelines. The company has said that it will announce its decision by the end of the month.

The conference which attracts delegates from across the globe was a resounding success last year with Claudio Stever of SyEnergy, saying he was “Very impressed by the event, government participation and discussion of key issues and trends. A superb opportunity to meet and interact with key players in the fast growing market.”

Tickets to the Rio Gas Forum are R$2,397 for the conference and R$2,999 for both the conference and the workshop. Booking online is possible here.


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