By Jack Arnhold, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Rio Rural, a program initiated by the Secretariat of Agriculture announced this week that they are supporting over 45,000 small-holding and family farmers throughout the state of Rio.

Rio Rural is helping smaller farmers pursue environmentally friendly alternatives to their bigger rivals, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News.
Rio Rural is helping smaller farmers pursue environmentally-friendly alternatives to their bigger rivals, photo internet reproduction.

In partnership with the World Bank, the initiative has helped small producers to increase their businesses’ sustainability and efficiency in over 78 municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

A proportion of these farmers also produce organically, an agricultural sector that has been becoming more and more popular, perhaps in response to the growing demand for organic produce.

One such producer is Gustavo Aronovick, who makes and sells organic jams, sauces and preserves in Brejal, Petrópolis. When asked about the initiative, he commented on how the financing allows smaller farmers to pursue organic and sustainable methods.

“Rio Rural helps us to produce and protect biodiversity and water resources. Instead of using pesticides we can now employ environmentally friendly alternatives.” explained the farmer to a government news source.

He also commented on how Rio Rural encourages ecologically correct waste disposal, “This means that the rivers are protected from being contaminated by raw sewage.”

Rio Rural is the Sustainable Development Program, one of the highlights of the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SEAPEC). It aims to promote self-management of natural resources by rural communities through sustainable practices.

According to government information available, to date, 1,776 farmers have already received incentives that can reach R$7,000 per producer, but the average distribution is for R$2,600.00. The total amount earmarked for the program is R$168,900,000, with R$13,200,000 invested so far.


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