By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In an effort to recognize the craft work as an economic activity and promote entrepreneurship, the State Craft Program of Rio de Janeiro has collected over 2,500 craftworkers in 21 municipalities, with the goal of registering about 5,000 artisans in Rio. For individuals to receive the Brazilian Handicraft Program identification card (PAB), they should make their way to the Clube do Servidor Municipal by 5PM today.

Craftworkers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Craftworkers in Rio de Janeiro are encouraged to register for the Brazilian Handicraft Program identification card (PAB), photo by Clarice Castro/

To register, the craftworkers should bring a 3×4 photo and copies of proof of address, CPF and RG. Registration also requires three or more pieces already produced, and three unfinished for technical verification. For professionals who are unable to attend today, other points are already set to continue the registration in Rio.

The coordinator of the program, Nea Mariozz, explained to the state news agency, “We expect the craftworkers in Rio de Janeiro to seek their identity and develop more and more. Our goal is to recognize the economic activity, putting into practice entrepreneurial actions for members.”

During the launch of the program in the state capital, a craft fair was set up to exhibit the work of artisans already enrolled. Among the professionals who could market their productions was the resident of Rio das Ostras, Renata Castro, age 41.

The artisan said, “It has been very good to participate in the program. The action came to encourage the profession and the ID card will facilitate access to trade shows and events so that we can market our products.”

The PAB was established in order to coordinate and develop activities aimed at enhancing the Brazilian artisan, raising its cultural, professional, social and economic level, as well as to develop and promote craft and craft companies, on the understanding that craft is entrepreneurship.


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