By Teresa Geer, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Harry Taylor’s vision of giving the residents of Rio a comfortable studio space with a touch of elegance for their professional photography needs has been given a boost because the high quality of his studio appeals to the professionals in the fashion industry too.

The sleek reception at Storm Studios invites clients from the fashion industry, celebrities as well as locals after some luxury, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
The sleek reception at Storm Studios invites clients from the fashion industry, celebrities as well as locals after some luxury, photo by Ricardo Penna.

“Most people assume that photography studios are a cool and trendy place to be” Taylor says, “but the reality in Rio is that they are often cramped with poor facilities, making the experience less enjoyable. My vision for Storm Studios was to create a cool atmosphere so that people enjoy the experience of having a photoshoot.”

It seems to be working, as top fashion photographers such as Ricardo Penna regularly use Storm Studios. “The studio has a great atmosphere, the best equipment and plenty of space for the make-up artists, stylists and assistants needed to make a professional shoot possible. It’s important for people to relax and feel comfortable in order for me to get the best photographs.” says Penna.

Using Storm as his preferred studio, born and bred Carioca, Ricardo Penna, photographs for magazines titles such as GQ, VIP, Trip, Contigo and Avanicia as well as undertaking commissions for Brazilian celebrities such as Angelicia and Grazi Massafera. He takes pride in his work ensuring to combine his passion for fashion photography as well as his love of his home city Rio de Janeiro.

“The Carioca’s fashion is very singular. We put more of our way of life in to the fashion style and there is no place in the world with our kind of culture. The music, the way of life, the beach, the joy… that feeling, you can only find here,” Penna comments.

Model Barbara Barreto shot at Storm Studios, Riod e Janeiro, Brazil News, Brazil
Model Barbara Barreto shot at Storm Studios, photo by Ricardo Penna.

The Ford Models Rio agency, based in Barra da Tijuca also makes use of Storm Studios on a regular basis. Ford Models Rio represents names such as Ana Hartmann, Barbara Barreto and Pollyana Franco who have graced the covers of Mens and Womens Health, Marie France and Shape.

Abidon Kaifatch, the booker for Ford Models comments, “We constantly need studio space for fashion shoots, magazine shoots and for our models to update their portfolios on a regular basis. It’s a real benefit to us having such a great studio space nearby”

Some of the other big names that have graced the white studio floors include actor Kadu Moliterno, Big Brother Brazil beauty Adriana Santanna and supermodel Barbara Barreto. “We’ve also done some shoots with dogs which are fun, and a model smashing up an electric guitar (Pete Townsend style!!),” describes the studio owner.

Yet it’s not just the high-end fashion clients and celebrity crowd that Storm Studios caters for. They receive all kinds of customers after professional photography in a quality environment including families, soon-to-be-mothers, couples and corporate clients.

The secret for this British expatriate from Oxford to make his way so successfully in Rio’s luxury photography world has been hard earned. “Growth has been about awareness of the studio and what it has have to offer. It has been steady since opening, but it’s about increasing awareness and word of mouth,” explains Taylor.

Storm Studios
Shopping Downtown
Avenida das Américas 500, Bloco 4 / Loja 119
Barra da Tijuca, RJ
Tel: (21) 3689 5367
Shoot prices start at R$500


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