By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – The favorable image emerging after the end of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro may help boost foreign trade for the country, according to Brazil’s Foreign Relation Minister, Jose Serra. The minister spoke to executives and reporters during the launch of the Be Brasil campaign to boost exports and foreign investments.

Brazil,Brazil's Foreign Relations Minister, Jose Serra, speaks during launch of Be Brasil campaign,
Brazil’s Foreign Relations Minister, Jose Serra, speaks during launch of Be Brasil campaign, photo internet reproduction.

“The Olympics Games were a success because they had security, good access to all the games and the negative expectation was that there would be problems was dissipated. The Olympics improved the self-esteem of the Brazilian people and our image abroad. This helps Brazilian products,” Serra said.

According to Serra, however, the success of Brazilians abroad in the business segment depends on long-term actions. “Business deals are not made overnight. Let’s keep at it (campaign), permanently, clearly, promoting Brazilian exports. That means more jobs here. Brazil can be a major world producer,” added the official.

For the president of the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX), Roberto Jaguaribe, there is no magic ingredient in the promotion of foreign trade, only consistent work of intelligence and prospecting. Jaguaribe celebrated the pact between the Brazilian government and APEX, saying, “A convergence is required. All other countries in the world work in this way and we do not operate like that.”

Keeping with the subject of foreign trade, Serra also commented on the controversy over the presidency of Mercosur. At the end of July, Uruguay left the presidency spot to Venezuela, a move that was heavily criticized by the other members. “We have to improve the functioning of Mercosur. The trade should be freer, and today it is not as it should,” said Serra.


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