By Lisa Flueckiger, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Carnival has just begun in Rio de Janeiro, but the city is already preparing for the next big event, the 450th anniversary of Rio on March 1st, which comes with an entire month of activities all around the city. The British Consulate in Rio has embraced the event and developed its own version of the brand.

The UK Consulate launched its brand for Rio 450, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The UK Consulate launched its brand for Rio 450, photo courtesy of the UK Consulate.

Great Britain wanted to join Rio de Janeiro in its anniversary celebration, which will feature year-round events with sixty events alone in the month of March, including the opening of the Museum of Tomorrow and the seventieth birthday of the Rio Zoo.

The UK also jointly celebrates 450 years of one of its most important exponent of British literature, William Shakespeare, who was born in 1654.

The Consulate will therefore promote events from the British Council, like the “Shakespeare 450” celebration, but also establish and strengthen important partnerships between the UK and Brazil, as well as host some own events.

“We are certain that this will be an incredible year and that the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the city will be a great success. It is very special for us to have the opportunity to be part of this transformative moment in the history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil,” UK Consul General Jonathan Dunn explained.

The Rio 450 Committee encourages the customization and thematic events of its 450th anniversary brand in order to engage civil society, companies and countries to promote their relationship with Brazil.

For Isabel Werneck, Executive Secretary of the Rio 450 Committee the commitment and participation of the UK Consulate is essential, as the country had an important role in Rio’s history.

“The British participated in decisive moments in Rio’s history like the transfer of the Royal family [to Brazil] and in the urban development of the city with the implementation of public services that serve the Cariocas until today. […] We are very happy with the British participation in the 450 years of Rio celebrations,” Werneck told the press.



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