By Felicity Clarke, Contributing Reporter

Waxy's contemporary pub interior, photo by Dan Yantin
Waxy's contemporary pub interior, photo by Dan Yantin.

RIO DE JANEIRO – There’s good news for those who find thimbles full of weak lager an unfulfilling way to drink beer. A new pump of hair-on-your-chest Guinness is arriving in town at the latest Ipanema addition, Waxy’s Irish bar.

Across the road from last week’s featured opening, the Mexican bar restaurant Blue Agave on Rua Vinicius de Moraes, Waxy’s is an altogether different offering. The newly finished refurbishment brings a classic friendly Irish pub feel with late bar sensibilities to Ipanema’s lively night scene.

The man behind the project is Dan Yantin, a Londoner with a vision to introduce his Waxy’s concept to Rio following the established success of the original Waxy’s in Dubai. Launched six and half years ago, the original Waxy’s is a popular nightspot on the Dubai nightlife circuit with it’s lively party atmosphere and nightly entertainment. It’s a tight formula Dan is applying with cast-iron commitment, “It’s true that many people open bars as a dream and hope it will work, but I’m one of those people that if I do something, I have to do it right.”

Waxy's owner Dan Yantin, photo by Felicity Clarke
Waxy's owner Dan Yantin, photo by Felicity Clarke.

This is evident in the standards and thinking displayed from the very first impressions at Waxy’s. The décor is a sleek modern take on the classic pub with bottle green walls, dark wood furniture, cozy dimmed lighting, and characterful pub accents such as stained glass light fittings and a bare slab-brick wall.

Another area where care is literally shown is service, something that has a tendency to be overlooked in Rio establishments. As Yantin explains “We’re creating a friendly bar and bringing it up a level with the standard of service and the selection of food and drinks.”

For the British and Irish patrons, Waxy’s will provide the comforting tastes of home with a pub menu of favorites like fish-and-chips, giant Yorkshire pudding filled with a classic beef stew and spicy curry. There’s also a bar snack menu and sophisticated mains with prices ranging from R$15 to R$50. With the award-winning chef who scooped Time Out’s Best Bar Food in Dubai for Waxy’s Dubai in the kitchen, the bar should become a culinary attraction as well as a party hot spot.

Opening party invite, provided by Waxy's.
Opening party invite, provided by Waxy's.

With entertainment every night of the week there is little doubt bit Waxy’s will become a good time party venue. Weekly highlights include  a Wednesday cocktail night, 80s night on Friday and an early open jam session on Sunday evenings.

But what about the drink? Aside from the meal-in-a-glass black stuff (Guinness), Waxy’s has an extensive drinks menu, with a particular cocktail focus. Alongside the Rio caipirinha staple and others is the Waxy’s signature Bullfrog cocktail, a pint glass of luminescent blue rocket fuel with all kinds of alcoholic flavors blended with Red Bull to create a drink of wickedly drinkable potency.

With sport showing, the nightly entertainment, food, drink and attention to atmosphere, Yantin and his team are looking to establish Waxy’s as the go-to bar of choice for those seeking a lively night out. “We want people to know that there’s always something happening, and it’s the kind of place where anything could happen” says Yantin who has plans to expand with outposts in Leblon and Barra too.

So whether it’s a comfort pub meal, a hearty pint of Guinness, or a raucous fun night out, Waxy’s is the newest Irish-flavored option to hit Rio.


  1. Went to Waxy’s with group of around 25 long term expats to try it out.Beer wasnt as good as other bars in the region. We all tried a large variety of food which was low quality and very greasy. Needs to improve customer service especially with owner/manager who didnt appear to be interested in his customers. Lord Jim/Irish/Shenanigans are certainly better.

  2. I’ve been there a few times and like the place because it’s NOT like the other older pubs. It’s a good in-between, with a lot more energy then the other say The Irish Pub, not as sloppy as Emporium, but not as much effort as some of the lounge/clubs – because who wants to wait in line in Rio.

    I think it’ll be a great option for the younger crowd once it gets going. Also, my beers were cold and the waitresses very attentive, although I didn’t try the food. Dan the owner seemed cool, even bought me a few beers… I guess they are opening officially this weekend so hope it will be a good scene.

  3. Having visited WAXY`S for the first time last week. I was highly impressed with this excellent new venue, I am sure it will be a huge sucess with the expats
    and brazillians. Certainly good to see a well presented proffesionaly run real pub in Ipanema.

  4. i went there and had a great time. met dan and he was very nice and i felt very welcome there. un like lord jims over priced and not a friendy bar!!!!!

    well done dan!!!!!!

  5. Went the other days and was very impressed!
    I had spent some time in the Dubai Waxy’s during a stop-over, and Rio waxys is shaping up to be every bit as good.

    Would disagree with Andy, I thought the food was tasty and the portions generous. The beer was cold and the cocktails were strong!! all in all My friends and I had a great night out!!!!!!. Will certainly return over xmas and new year.

  6. Meu nome é Angelo, vou sempre ao Rio de Janeiro e conheci o estabelicemineto no carnaval e achei muito bom.
    Gostaria de saber se voces possuem alguma comunidade no orkut ou faceboock ou coisa parecida para quem mora no Brasil , mas fora do rio de janeiro, ficar por dentro da programação .

  7. I´m an expat in rio and i still asking myself how can a british expat continues to crowd irish pubs in rio de janeiro… I can understand in Dubai, where basically there is no culture of beer but in rio there are thousands of local bars, botecos where maybe you all could start to learn a little bit more about brazilian culture…

  8. Stopped in to Waxy’s during carnival. We arrived a bit early. DJ Julio Vinolas was spinning. He has some nice sounds and did some really smooth mixes. The music gradually transitioned from listening to get off your bar stool and dance music. This is a place I would visit again. If you’re shy about dancing you might want to go upstairs and that way you can dance and get a good view of the dance floor below

  9. I would just like to say thanks to everybody for your comments, and thankyou to everybody who has supported us since we opened! Myself and the team at Waxy´s will be adding to our activties over the coming months with new menus, DJ´s happy hours and perhaps even a pool table. Our website is now opperational so feel free to take a look. Hope to see you soon, thanks again….. Dan!


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