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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Two police officers were caught planting a gun by security cameras on BR-277, São José dos Pinhais, in greater Curitiba, Paraná, where a motorcyclist was killed.

They were denounced by the Public Prosecution Office of Paraná.

The offense occurred on April 21st this year, and the first information given by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) was that the motorcyclist had been armed and confronted the state police.

Public prosecutor João Milton Salles filed the report only on Thursday, May 30th.

The cameras depict what occurred that day. Motorcyclist Leandro Pires died after being shot in the back by state police officer Wanderson Teixeira Rigotti.

Rigotti was indicted for murder and criminal fraud. Police officer Jeferson de França dos Santos, with Rigotti at the time of the victim’s death, was indicted for criminal fraud.

According to the prosecution Rigotti’s motivation was malicious, as he fired with intent to kill as a reprimand because the young man had not complied when ordered to stop.

(Source: G1)


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