By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The relationship between sexuality and the principles asserted by Christianity has always been a matter of considerable controversy.

Pope Francis: a man of his word. (Photo Alamy)

To some, accepting both homosexuality and the sovereignty of Christ would be antagonistic views. However, the Pope again addressed the subject during a recent interview.

The Catholic leader said during an interview that if Jesus’ followers “convinced themselves” that homosexuals and others in “atypical” relationships are “children of God”, things would change considerably.

Journalist Valentina Alazraki of Televisa conducted the interview.

When inquired as to what these “atypical” relationships would be, the Pope said: “All are children of God; we are all children of God. All of them. I cannot rule anyone out.”

“I cannot tell a person that his or her behavior is in line or not with what the Church wants, (…) but I do have to tell them the truth: You are a child of God, and God wants you that way, settle it with God. I have no right to tell anyone that he or she is not a child of God because he or she would be missing the truth. Nor to tell anyone that God does not love him or her, because God loves everyone, He even loves Judas,” added the pontiff.

The Pope recently stated, during an interview with comedian Stephen K. Amos, that those who reject homosexuals have no heart. He also emphasized the absurdity of expelling a homosexual child from the household.



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