By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Regional Prosecutor José Robalinho Cavalcanti, former president of the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Association and a candidate of the list to be the new Federal Prosecutor General, exchanged messages on Tuesday night, June 11th, with an individual claiming to be the hacker who has recently attacked Lava Jato’s prosecutors.

The Regional Prosecutor José Robalinho Cavalcanti
Regional Prosecutor José Robalinho Cavalcanti says he received Telegram messages from a person who claimed to be the “Lava Jato” hacker. (Photo internet reproduction)

During the conversation, the hacker claimed to be “an IT (information technology) worker,” and claimed to have no “ideologies” or connection to political parties.

On Tuesday night, Robalinho Cavalcanti received a message on Telegram supposedly from Marcelo Weitzel, the military prosecutor.

Initially, the hacker, whom Robalinho Cavalcanti would later discover was not Weitzel, pretended to be the military prosecutor in the conversation.

The hacker sent Robalinho Cavalcanti an audio of an exchange between Lava Jato prosecutors, telling that the material would soon be released in the press and expressing astonishment at the content.

Robalinho Cavalcanti failed to realize that he was a hacker, listened to the audio, and replied to the message by technically analyzing its content, he explained:

“There was nothing much in the audio. I answered, to whom I thought was Weitzel.”

After several unsuccessful attempts by the hacker to gather Robalinho Cavalcanti’s critical comments on Lava Jato in Curitiba, the following dialogue took place:

“Regards from the hacker,” wrote the phony Marcelo Weitzel. “Thanks, Marcelo,” answered Robalinho, believing it was Weitzel joking. “I’m not Marcelo. I’m the hacker. Do you want to talk to me?” he asked.

Given Robalinho’s astonishment, the hacker then continued to comment on Lava Jato and MPF colleagues, suggesting he disagreed with the way Lava Jato was conducted and stated that his work has no political motivation.

“I have no ideologies, I have no parties, I have no side, I am just an IT worker,” wrote the person who claims to be the hacker.


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