By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A man who had just held up a Lojas Americanas store in Copacabana on Friday night broke into the nearby Cardeal Arcoverde metrô station, went to the platform and, armed with a revolver, took hostage a man who was waiting for the train, .


The state Police were called, and the boy was arrested. By 10.30 PM his name had not yet been disclosed. No one was injured.

The boy held up a Lojas Americanas store located on Barata Ribeiro street, a few meters from the station. From there, he ran off and entered the subway by jumping the turnstile.


The police were immediately deployed, but by the time they reached the platform, the boy had already released the man he had taken hostage. He surrendered after only ten minutes.

There was panic among passengers, both those who were waiting for the train and those who were already in the cars that had arrived at the station the moment the criminal had taken the man hostage.

According to police, the boy had around R$1,000 cash on him, which could have been stolen from Lojas Americanas and was confiscated.


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