By Nikola Grace Radley

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The right apps really can make our lives easier. We use them to order food, to navigate ourselves, and to find the cool events in the city, to name just a few.

New to Rio? The right apps really can make our lives easier. (Photo internet reproduction)

However, when we find ourselves in a new place, our usual go-to apps for services may not be the best choice. Here we have collected the best apps that will help you enjoy the “Cidade Maravilhosa”.

WhatsApp – OK, you may already have this one. In Brazil, WhatsApp is the king of messaging services, with around 120 million users. To communicate with anyone (this really means anyone, including services such as doctors and dentists) it is a necessity to have.

iFood – This is the go-to app for ordering food in Rio, and from trying others, this one has the most choice. From ceviche to vegan burgers, you will be sure to find good options here. The app has proper functionality and is straightforward to use. If you are yet to have a Brazilian bank account and don’t have an amigo (yet) to help, many restaurants accept cash on collection.

Bike Itaú – If you’ve spent at least a few days in the city you would have seen the bright orange bikes sponsored by the bank Itaú. This app allows you to make an account without being a resident with the option “foreigner” when registering. It’s easy to use, affordable, and highlights the closest bike rack to you. There is over 435 km of mostly flat bike track in Rio, so a great option to explore the city.

Moovit – Is the best app for navigating the bus system in Rio. The app works in English and is simple to use. When compared to other navigation apps for bus specific use in Rio, this is the most accurate one for bus arrival times. The app can also show where the bus is on its route. Additional benefits include the clarity on the map of where the bus stops are, which can be unclear on the street.

Grin – Is used to access the green patinete eléctrico (electric scooters) across the city. The app shows multiple methods of payment, including physical money in stores and by card. The scooters are on the streets around the city, particularly close to the beaches. The first ten minutes are free, following a three real charge with .50 real for each additional minute. A fun way to see the city.

Special mention goes to the apps below:

Gympass – With over 1,000 gyms signed up in Rio. This app provides non-committal access to Rio’s gyms, classes, and outdoor fitness activities.

99 – Often cheaper than other major taxi-hailing apps in the city. The drivers have also been safety checked.

Ingresso Rápido – Your one-stop shop for tickets in Rio. This site lets you buy tickets to events across the city, from theatre to bands.


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