By Harold Emert

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Rio entrepreneur Luiza Figueira de Mello, 42, founder of “R.evolution Club”, a digital wellness platform, has ambitious plans: prove to all that they have the ability to change the reality they live in.

Luiza figueira de Mello planting with EU ABRAÇO O RIO activists
Luiza Figueira de Mello planting with ‘EU ABRAÇO O RIO’ activists. (Photo private collection)

“Many people feel frustrated for believing that their current situation is the reality that they are forced to live with. I believe that everyone has the ability to change their surroundings at all levels, be it their health, city, country, etc.”

Luiza does not only want to prove that others can change. She also wants to impact her own reality. Especially that of the city she loves.

With this goal in mind, she partnered with the activists from ‘Amigos do Jardim de Alah’ (Friends of Allah’s Garden) and together created a movement called ‘EU ABRAÇO O RIO’ (I HUG RIO).

Their purpose is to empower all citizens to be a part of the process too, and not only wait for the government to do their work.

"I Hug Rio" resembles activist movements abroad, of irate citizens awaiting public entities to restore their beloved cities.
“I Hug Rio” resembles activist movements abroad, of irate citizens awaiting public entities to restore their beloved cities. (Photo private collection)

The restoration of the Jardim de Alah is only in its initial phase, but it is already producing a positive impact. Neighbors who have sat back in the past, waiting for the government to act, are now actively participating.

The early success is already showing people that it all depends on the way we think. “My goal with the R.evolution Club is to promote actions that help change people’s mindset. To prove to them that we can make big changes, through small actions, if we believe we can make it happen. But first, we need to change ourselves. We must make an inner revolution. Look inside to change ourselves outside. And ‘EU ABRAÇO O RIO’ (I HUG RIO) is a great tool for the action”.

“I want to help my city restore its pride. With our movement ‘EU ABRAÇO O RIO’, and others similar to it, people begin to see and believe that it can be done. An individual must understand that external change only occurs when one goes through internal change”.

Those Rio Times readers wishing to contribute their time, services, and possibly help out with funding, please contact the social media pages @R.evolution_Club and @eu_abraco_o_rio.


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