Rio Finds Computer Hidden in Duct inside “Kickback HQ” for Corruption Scheme

According to investigations by the police and the Rio de Janeiro Prosecutor's Office (MP-RJ), "Kickback HQ", is a corruption scheme that involved several city departments asking entrepreneurs for a percentage in exchange for municipal administration contracts.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The current administration of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall located a desktop computer concealed in the ceiling paneling, where the air-conditioning ducts are located, in the administrative department of the former RioTur headquarters, in the Cidade das Artes, west side of the capital, early on Monday afternoon, January 11th.

The Rio de Janeiro Civil Police was called to remove the desktop from a hatch in the premises' ceiling - pointed out as the "Kickback HQ", an alleged corruption scheme which led to the arrest of Subscribe to our Premium Membership Plan. Already Subscribed?