By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – For the first time, Victoria Frate will present her art to the public in an exhibition that brings together works exploring the limits between illustration and plastic art. The extraordinary showcase will take place at the Center of Exhibitions in Casa Shopping in Barra da Tijuca and will open on Thursday, November 10th, continuing until Sunday, November 20th.

Victoria Frate, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Victoria Frate’s art style will be shown in Rio de Janeiro, photo by Dom Quixote art gallery.

Victoria Frate is on the biggest representatives of the new generation of Brazilian plastic artists, and her influential work will be presented in a series of fourteen unreleased works in her first ever exhibition. A key element of the presentation will be the showcase of the work from her series New Multitudes in the context of contemporary art.

This series explores life in large Brazilian cities and combines their colors, rhythms and tensions in a fusion of geometric forms and contrasting colors. The work aims to present the dialogue between images, signs and meanings as part of a larger research into identity. The result is bold, colorful art that is simultaneously delicate and poignant.

One of the highlights from the exhibition is Multiple Cities. “In this work I explored the theme of crowds and of new phenomenas caused by these large social gatherings,” explains Frate in a press release.

Frate works with a process of putting together clutter until it reaches a balance and works with contrasts, geometric shapes with elements of solid black. “The opposition between order and chaos form the base of my creative process,” Frate reveals. “I start with a theme that does not necessarily keep the same form until the work is ready. I know the painting is ready when it achieves three things – balance, beauty and speech.”

Frate was born in Rio de Janeiro yet has spent much of her life in other cities such as São Paulo, London and Auckland. After years of dedication to a career in film, theater and television, she chose to change course and resumed her passion for expression through the image.

The exhibition will be held at art gallery Dom Quixote in Casa Shopping in Barra da Tijuca. It starts November 10th and runs until November 20th.

What: Art Exhibition of Victoria Frate
When: Thursday, November 10th – Sunday, November 20th. Mondays-Saturdays 10AM – 10PM. Sundays and holidays 3PM – 9PM
Where: Art Gallery Dom Quixote, CasaShopping , Ayrton Senna, 2150 – Block H – Shops A and Q
Barra da Tijuca – Tel – (21) 2108-6480 / 2108-6481


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