By Maíra Amorim, Contributing Reporter

O Teatro Mágico, picture by Vinicius Campos
O Teatro Mágico, picture by Vinicius Campos.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Thursday the June 11th is the bank holiday of Corpus Christi, which means that Wednesday night can be a late one for those working 9-5. To make the most of the evening, try seeing Teatro Mágico’s concert at Fundição Progresso, in Lapa.

The group mixes theater with circus, music, poetry and audience interaction. And the result is a very unique presentation that has been very successful all over the country. They have been performing around Brazil for the past four years, and have put out two albums with impressive, non-corporate sales done in a grassroots style.

They will be performing “Second Act” in which they reflect upon the inequality of the human in contemporary society. “In this new phase, it’s like the crew is arriving in a big city and getting in touch with urban problems and with the daily life in a metropolis”, says Fernando Anitelli, the group’s leader.

There is a subtle debate in the performance about the information that we absorb, without perceiving as such, through television. These often challenging and profound themes don’t take anything away from the famous playfulness of the group, but instead add a pinch of realism to the content. The groups’ motto of hardening without ever losing its tenderness is seamlessly integrated in this piece.

On stage, artists from the circus perform on ropes and on top of objects that challenge gravity and balance. At the same time, other group members read poems. And Anitelli sings songs such as “Cidadão de Papelão” (Cardboard Citizen) and “O Mérito e o Monstro” (Merit and the Monster). Artists Hamilton de Holanda and Lula Queiroga will make special appearances.

Teatro Mágico was created five years ago by musician and songwriter Fernando Anitelli. In 2003, they released “O Teatro Mágico: Entrada para Raros” (Magical Theater: Entrance for the rare) and the project was soon all over the internet and the media.

When their second album was released, last year, at Trama Virtual website, they had more than 600,000 downloads in less than 48 hours. “Entrada para Raros” has sold 120,00 copies and “Segundo Ato” reached 35,000.

The numbers are pretty impressive if you take into account the fact that the band/company is not associated with any record company. Anitelli is against private sponsorships and developed an independent way of production through the commercialization of products via internet (in their official website) and at the end of each performance.

Raiz do Sana is going to open the night. The forró group will be celebrating their 10th year on stage with Tati Veras (singer), Elysio (bass), Rodrigo Ramalho (acordeon), Léo Oliveira (cavaquinho), Frank Furtado (zabumba), Phinha (percussion) e Rodrigo Bucair (percussion).

Teatro Mágico – Second Act
Wednesday 10th – 10 PM
Fundição Progresso
Rua dos Arcos, 24, Lapa – Rio de Janeiro
Tel.: (21) 2220-5070
Tickets from R$20


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