By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A retrospective of work by Brazilian plastic artist, Abraham Palatnik, a pioneer in the technique of painting and sculpture in movement, opened this week (February 1st) at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro (CCBB Rio).

Abraham Palatnik Exhibit at CCBB Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
The exhibition at the CCBB Rio shows the retrospective of the works of the artist Abraham Palatnik, photo by Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil.

The Abraham Palatnik exhibition – “A reinvenção da pintura” (The reinvention of the painting) brings together 85 works by the artist, who was born in Natal (RN) in 1928, of Russian parents, raised in Tel Aviv, then Palestine, and since 1947 – for seventy years – a resident in Rio de Janeiro.

The art work is a collection of paintings, cinecromatic devices, kinetic objects, play objects, furniture and designs of projects, coming from the private and institutional collections of the country, and especially from the artist’s own collection.

In an interview dated 1981, Palatnik described, “To invent something you have to have some deviant behavior. I think companies should call on the services of artists because they have a potential for perception that can solve many problems.”

Speaking about the possibility of creative and productive exchange between art, science, technology and industry. “I continue to wager on intuition, although my work constantly calls for mathematical calculations ” added Palatnik.

The exhibition, curated by Pieter Tjabbes and Felipe Scovino, occupies the entire second floor of CCBB Rio. “The history of world art considers Palatnik a pioneer of painting and sculpture in movement,” says Scovino. Both he and Tjabbes point to “the precise dialogue between technology and intuition” as a strongly significant fact of the place that Palatnik occupies in the art scene.

What: Abraham Palatnik exhibition – “A reinvenção da pintura”
When: Wednesday to Monday, from 9AM to 9PM, February 1st – April 24th
Where: CCBB Rio, Rua 1º de Março, 66, Centro, RJ
Entrance: Free


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