By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The first “Agua Jam” party brought to Caesar Park’s rooftop by a group of expatriate promoters was in November last year, and since then they have been holding regular events at the premier venue overlooking one of the most admired beaches in the world. Tonight the party starts early with a relaxed poolside afternoon at 4PM, and then turns into a dance party with an international mix of DJs pumping until 1AM.

Tonight the weekly Agua Jam will start as usual with a relaxed afternoon and then turn into a dance party with an international mix of DJs, photo internet recreation.
Tonight the weekly Agua Jam will start with a relaxed poolside afternoon, and then turn into a dance party with an international mix of DJs, photo internet recreation.

The origins of the Agua Jam event at the hotel’s Rendezvouz Rooftop, started when Ky Adderley (U.S.) and Hendi Mpya (South Africa) created a company called ConneXtionZ, with the goal of ‘bringing the world to Brazil, and Brazil to the world’.

Ky Adderley, who has lived in Rio for over five years now, explained, “We decided that networking opportunities across spectrums were to few and far between in Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro specifically. People tend to do business with people they know, so our solution is to invite people from all walks of life who normally would not interact to one location, throw in some good urban vibes, music, atmosphere and beverages and watch the magic happen.”

In Addition to ConneXtionZ, they also made a partnership with C.J. Executive, managed by French expatriate Arnaud Jesse. Adderley explained they were able to “combine our ideas and passion of bringing together Rio’s professional sophisticated crowd to an amazing venue.”

With C.J. Executive’s relationship with Hotel Caesar Park, the team came together to produce three nightly events per week at the luxury rooftop location. Sitting directly across from Ipanema Beach on Avenida Vieira Souto, the hotel is among the best in Rio, and certainly has one of the most coveted locations with panoramic oceanfront views.

The Agua Jam team, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News, Ipanema
The Agua Jam team, from left to right; Arnaud Jesse, Ky Adderley, DJ Don Jay and Hendi Mypa, photo internet recreation.

Sharing the details for the party tonight, Adderley says, “The main ConneXtionZ party is every Saturday at the hotel. It is called Agua Jam, and the party begins at 4PM and ends at 1AM.” Adding, “The pool is available for use between 4PM and 8PM, and the entrance is R$50.”

In speaking about the plans for the team, Adderley explains, “In the near future and as we get closer and closer to the Olympic Games we will be hosting a multitude of events with many international acts and guest, from entertainers to athletes we are conneXting the world right here in Brazil. In April ConneXtionZ will expand in April to São Paulo venues as well!”

Tonight the party will hear from three DJs, including DJ Don Jay out of Miami and Porto Alegre, who has been an event partner and the resident DJ for the Agua Jams. This week they also have two special guest DJs, Vivi Reis from Brazilian Beats, and from London, another expatriate here in Rio DJ Slim.

DJ Slim explained what he feels is the biggest draw for the party, “I would have to say the view, and the pool/poolside, although cocktails are pretty good too!” Adding a teaser of what sounds he will be bringing, “I don’t stray too far from my funk and disco style, but I’m playing with two capable DJs in what I am hopping to be a cool ‘jam’ that people would enjoy, so looking forward to contrasting or complementing their music.”

Where: Caesar Park Hotel, Rendezvouz Rooftop, Avenida Vieira Souto 460, Ipanema
When: Pool is open from 4PM-8PM, party goes until 1AM, Saturday, February 27th
Entrance: R$50


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