By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Combining aerial view/satellite images of Rio de Janeiro with subjective perceptions from ground level, artist Alan Fontes’ exhibition Poética de uma Paisagem – Memória em Mutação (Poetics of a landscape – Memory in Mutation) opened in the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) Rio on April 6th and will remain on display through May 9th.

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Alan Fontes’ exhibition, Poética de uma Paisagem – Memória em Mutação will remaining on display in CCBB-Rio through May 9th, image courtesy of CCBB-Rio.

Fontes, a Belo Horizonte native, spent two months in the city creating the exhibition which combines images, painting techniques, and objects. The exhibit focus is on five digitally reproduced pictures enhanced with paints, that explore the ideas of perspective, spatial relations, and the passage of time.

Ranging in size from 70 x 90 cm to 500 x 300cm, the images feature Rio locations and landmarks past and present including Praça XV, Candelária, Ilha Fiscal, Palácio Monroe, and two houses at a demolition site.

In addition to the works, the exhibition space features items collected by Fontes while on walking around Rio during his time in the city. The items include empty picture frames, a modernist couch, a coat rack, rugs, and various other items. All of the objects are painted gray. “It’s like a ‘death’ occurred outside of the pictorial field,” Fontes explained in a press release.

The author of the exhibition’s summary, Bernardo Mosqueira, wrote of the works and the artist; “We are reminded by Alan Fontes that we must constantly learn unique ways to see and that everything in the world is capable of helping to give us a sense of location in space and time. ”

The exhibition is the most recent of the ten projects to be displayed as part of the Prêmio CCBB Contemporâneo (CCBB Contemporary Award) 2015 – 2016 exhibition series. The projects of the series were chosen from among 1,823 entries made from across the country.

What: Poética de uma Paisagem – Memória em Mutação, Alan Fontes Exhibition
When: April 6th – May 9th, Wednesdays through Mondays, 9AM – 9PM.
Where: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 | Second floor – Centro
Entrance: FREE


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