By Ronald Stampleton, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Coccinelle Bistrô, the French-inspired restaurant in Rio’s Centro, is known for offering downtown diners an opportunity to experience something new and delicious.  Coccinelle’s “Flavors of Alsace” festival, being offered now through October 10th, gives customers a chance to experience the culinary delights and delectable wines for which the region is well known.

Coccinelle, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Madame Coccinelle prepares traditional Alsatian cuisine for curious customers at Coccinelle, photo by Coccinelle.

France is composed of varied culinary regions, each unique for its use of local products.  The local cuisine is also shaped by the different wines each region produces.

Alsace, in France’s northeast, sharing the Rhine river border with Germany, is known for delectable white wines and hearty cuisine.

For owner Yves Roquemaurel and Chef Madame Coccinelle, the festival is more than just great food and wine; it is an event to savor memories.

“Alsace is the region of my mother, and we still have a family house there, near Colmar, surrounded by vineyards,” says Roquemaurel.

“This festival is the most personal of all of those we have done so far. For Madame Coccinelle it is also very personal, as she has spent many summers in Alsace and learned recipes with my mother.”

The menu during the festival includes some of the most popular dishes from the region, such as choucroute (sausages, cured meat, and sauerkraut), kugelhopf (traditional Alsatian cakebread) and, of course, foie gras (duck liver pâté).  All the dishes nicely paired with a selection of wines from the Paul Blanck vineyard.

The vineyard, which dates back to the 17th Century, has been connected with the Roquemaurel family for three generations.  Now the tradition continues in Rio, giving local and visiting foodies a chance to experience authentic Alsatian cuisine and perhaps create some memories of their own.

What: Cocinelle Bistrô – Travessa do Comercio, 11 – Centro, near Praça XV
When: October 1st-October 10th, Mon – Fri: 11:30 AM – 7PM, Sat: 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Costs: R$32-R$79

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