By Thaís Britto, Contributing Reporter

Sepultura, photo by Eric Sanchez.
Sepultura, photo by Eric Sanchez.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Long hair, testosterone, guttural voice: it’s metal night in Rio this Thursday. Angra and Sepultura, the two biggest metal bands in Brazil will perform, on their first tour together, in Canecão.

With more that 15 million records sold in a 26-year-old career, Sepultura isn’t only the most important band in its gender, but also one of the examples of Brazilian music acknowledged all over the world. Created by the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera – who aren’t part of the group anymore – Sepultura went where other Brazilian rock musicians hadn’t been yet in the 90’s, like Japan, Israel and Russia.

They’re recognized for their influences, which go from black and trash metal to hardcore and still some tribal music from Brazil, Africa and Japan. The songs in their albums are usually inspired in people, facts or other cultural references: ”Roots”, from 1996, had songs about the Xavantes, a native Indian tribe who live in the border between Brazil and Bolivia; “Dante XXI”, released in 2006, turned into music some of the writing work of Dante Alighieri, Italian poet and philosopher.

In their concert this Thursday, Sepultura will present the most recent album, released last January, “A-Lex”, kind of a “trash metal opera” on Anthony Burgess’ book, “A clockwork orange”. Derrick Green (vocals), Andreas Kisser (guitar), Paulo Jr. (bass) and Jean Dolabella (the newest member, replacing Igor Cavalera in the drums) are finishing in May the tour around Latin America. In June, they fly to Europe where there are several shows scheduled in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic and many other countries.

Angra, photo by Gabriel Vickbold.
Angra, photo by Gabriel Vickbold.

After facing many problems and having a 2 year gap, Angra is back on stage and promising to make it up to the fans. Edu Falaschi (vocals), Kiko Loureiro (guitar), Rafael Bittencourt (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Ricardo Confessori (drums) will play the major hits such as “Carry on”, “Make believe”, “Rebirth” and “Wishing Well”, besides some other surprises.

It’s not the first time Angra came back after a crisis. Created in 1991, the melodic metal band was already a success – in and outside Brazil – on their first album, “Angels cry”: a mix of heavy metal and classical music, which ended up being their style. But in 1999 they almost split for good after continueous fights between the manager and the musicians.

The result: 2 years later, in 2001, returning with new vocalist, drummer and bass player, they released “Rebirth”. The album was a tremendous triumph, putting the band in the top lists of the year and took them back to the world tours. Now, they are back agian.

Angra and Sepultura concert
Saturday, May 29th, 2009
Canecão, at 10 PM (it opens at 8 PM)
Av. Wenceslau Brás 215, Botafogo
Tel.: 2105-2000
Tickets from R$80 (full) and R$40 (student card)


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