By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Father and son duet, Arlindo Cruz and Arlindo Neto respectively, have come together to produce a new album, 2Arlindos. On Friday, September 30th they will perform at Fundição Progresso as part of their campaign to promote the new album which fuses family ties with samba beats that Arlindo Cruz is so famous for.

Arlindo Cruz and son, Arlindo Neto, will perform together September 30th, photo by Arthur Pereira
Arlindo Cruz and son, Arlindo Neto, will perform together September 30th, photo by Arthur Pereira

Arlindo Cruz has had enormous success on the samba scene in Brazil with a solo career spanning 23 years, as well as a prior twelve-year success within samba band Fundo de Quintal. He has over 450 songs recorded by various artists including Zeca Pagodinho and Beth Carvalho and is also considered one of the most prolific banjo players to have played within the samba circuit.

With this significant professional background, the 2Arlindos album is expected to combine the raw, classic sounds of Arlindo Cruz with an element of freshness from new talent Arlindo Neto. The partnership between father and son was something important for Arlindo Cruz.

“Composing with him is an achievement,” says Arlindo Cruz in a press release about working alongside his son. “I’m much more peaceful to know that he’s not on the street and is at my side.”

For Arlindo Neto in turn, this partnership is something of a milestone. “To play with him is an incredible learning experience,” he explains in a press release. “I am next to a master, the best composer for me. I’m always learning from him. And he is learning with me a little bit, right?”

The album blends a mix of samba and pagode and will include songs ‘A sós’, ‘Horas do seu tempo’ and ‘Pais e Filhos’, among others. The show will take place on Friday, September 30th with doors opening at 10PM and the performance starting at 12AM at the music venue Fundição Progresso. Tickets can be bought online or at ticket points of sale throughout the city. See site for more details.

What: Arlindo Cruz and Arlindo Neto launch album 2Arlindos at Fundição Progresso
When: September, 30th. Doors open 10PM, show starts 12AM
Where: Fundição Progresso, R. dos Arcos, 24 – Lapa
Entrance: R$30 – R$100


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