By Shalina Chatlani, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL- An exhibit highlighting themes of love, desire, attraction, sexuality, morality and religion opened this week (Aug. 29). The exposition, entitled “Erótica, desejos traduzidos” (Erotica, desires translated), will be held in galeria Villa Olivia, on Morro da Conceição in Rio’s Port Zone.

Erótica, desejos traduzidos, exhibit held in at the Villa Olivia Gallery in the Port Zone of Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
The exhibit “Erótica, desejos traduzidos” is held in at the Villa Olivia Gallery in the Port Zone of Rio, photo internet recreation.

Curator of the exhibit Marcelo Frazão says that the art will highlight why sexuality forms an important aspect of society. “Eroticism is a key component of art. It awakens the human, the sublime, the animal and the unexplainable that are us,” said Frazão. “We awaken for its rawness, the senses and the certainty that sex remains one of the biggest taboos of contemporary society.”

The gallery will feature over one hundred pieces of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, designs, prints and photographs, as well as products from over twenty Brazilian plastic artists. Each work will showcase a different views on what eroticism means for modern day culture, given concerns of religion and morality. Contributors will include Cecilia Ribas, Claudia Lyrio, Diana Doctorovich, Elaine Santos, Sergio Sal, Kazuo Ilha, among others.

Frazão notes that eroticism in art dates back to prehistoric times and actually preceded writing. Over time the theme of sexuality gained more value in artwork. “This accompanied human evolution, from the caves to the interactive environment of the Internet to mobile phones in meeting applications,” said Frazão.

One piece in the exhibit, for instance, that Frazão will display to highlight the connection between morality, religion and sex is a copper sculpture of a female armor of chastity. The piece will balance against other works in the exposition, such as those of artist, Paulo Villela, whose paintings show eroticism within a much lighter and humorous lens.

The show will run until October 17th with free admission and a parental rating of sixteen years old. Visitation is from Wednesday to Friday, from 12 Noon to 6PM, and the Villa Olivia gallery is in Ladeira John Male, on 13 Morro da Conceição, which is near the Mauá Square in the Port Zone of Rio.


  1. I am trying to locate information about a painting I inherited. Signature appears to be Frazao 80 and depicts possibly a Russian wedding scene with five people. Can you help.


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