By Saira Ansari, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On September 8th, the Metara Gallery in Ipanema had its vernissage showing for the exhibition titled Cada Um Cada Qual. The group exhibit hosted the works of fourteen well known South American artists as well as two American artists. One of the American artists was Kirk Bauer, who exhibits regularly in New York and Rio de Janeiro.

American Artist Kirk Bauer with Metara Gallery, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
American Artist Kirk Bauer with Metara Gallery Director/Artist Susi Cantarino, photo by Metara art gallery.

Bauer’s artwork in the exhibition is from a series that he has been working on recently – a set of digitally printed aluminum plates that depict buildings or landscapes that have been broken down into basic colors or glowing linear wire-frame images. Highly graphic in nature, the work reflects upon Bauer’s training as a photographer and work experience with advertising agencies and magazines.

Bauer describes his experience with the Rio gallery: “I had a solo show at the same gallery in 2009. This recent show was a group show. I enjoyed both equally. I like being in the company of other artists, us all hanging on the wall together.”

The other American entry was the surprise element in the show, as it was the work of Chris Pitman, who is more famously known as a member of American rock band Guns N’ Roses. Pitman’s sole entry was a digital art panel of riotous neon colors and irregular shapes.

The show also included the works of Pablo Lehmann, Marcos Sêmola, Walter Carvalho, Xico Chaves, Evandro Teixeira, Rogério Camacho, Mario Camargo, Salete Goldfinger, Julia Ninio, Franco Bubani, Bruno Schmidt, Cristina Lacerda, Pedro Jardim De Mattos and Susi Cantarino, who is also the gallery’s co-director.

The artworks displayed were in a wide range of media – photography, painting, digital art, installation, and 3D pieces – and covered all available wall space in the gallery. For example, Salete Goldfinger, a São Paulo based photographer, had on display dramatic photographs of cityscapes and interior spaces. Deeply moody and devoid of people, the images seemed to capture a specific vibe of introspection.

Metara art gallery, Ipanema, Rio de janeiro, Brazil, News
"Espejo (Hueco)" by Pablo Lehmann, photo by Metara art gallery.

Walter Carvalho’s set of black and white photographs was also stunning. A printing technique, whereby silver emulsion is set on watercolor paper, is one that he has been working on for the past twelve years. The result closely resembles that of the photo-etching process.

The delicately crafted sculptural pieces of Argentinian artist Pablo Lehmann seemed to capture everyone’s attention. Several surfaces of thick paper were carved into by cutting out letters. The final results were stunningly detailed pieces that were reminiscent of filigree carving.

Opening nights are always busy and although the display space was limited and works mounted close together, the attendees and potential buyers seemed to have little trouble enjoying the show.

The success of an opening night is often dependent on the work of the artists, and more so upon the previous success of a gallery. The Metara gallery seems to boast a large fan base as well as clientele, as was evident by the number of people who showed up.

Considering that the opening coincided with the first day of ARTRIO, the turnout was very impressive. The opening was followed by several live musical performances outdoors which the visitors enjoyed immensely. One of the guests made an apt observation: “Susi is a very vibrant person and that reflects in the energy that the Metara gallery exudes. I am really enjoying the artworks and the crowd tonight!”

The exhibition is on from September 9th until September 30th at the Metara art gallery. Mon-Fri 10AM – 8PM, Sat 10AM – 4PM. Address: Rua Teixeira De Melo, 25-A, Ipanema.


  1. Thank you so much Saira Ansari, for your excelent note!
    It was a real pleasure having you with us at the opening!
    We will be very happy and pleased to welcome all your readers at our Metara gallery: in Ipanema and Centro!
    Susi Sielski Cantarino


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