By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Bringing the persona of “Miss Greene Galicious” to life, American/Argentine performance artist Stephanie Greene will walk the streets of the city, starting at Rua Buenos Aires, with her naked her body completely covered in white sunscreen as she presents her piece, “Miss Greene Galicious Comes to Rio: Spreading the Yankee” beginning at 11AM on Friday, January 10th.

Performance artist  Stephanie Greene, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Performance artist Stephanie Greene will be a resident artist at Rio’s Largo das Artes throughout January, press image.

“Miss Greene Galicious (Galicious is a combination of Galicia and lious) is a character that has recently been born,” Greene, an artist in residency throughout the month at Rio’s Largo das Artes during the month of January, told The Rio Times on Thursday.

“[Miss Greene Galicious] will be doing public interventions for all of January and will be giving a workshop at Largas das Artes next week, and the week after will be doing another endurance performance on the beach. At the end of January she will have an exhibit in Largas das Artes.”

“I have developed this character,” Greene continued, “because I am interested in using false narrative to create a playful metaphor that [reflects] on current and historically problematic imperialistic tendencies in Latin America. Miss Galicious is stereotype of a stereotype. She is a loud, obnoxious rubia gringa who is a high femme. She will strut the streets quite literally spreading her whiteness.”

The audience for the performance are asked to also help document the event by taking photos, making recordings and then sending them to Panoramio, which will in turn send them to Google Earth. “During Miss Galicious’ final exhibit,” Greene explained, “an interactive installation will be present where onlookers can use Google earth to look at documentation of the performance.”

Born in San Francisco with time spent studying art in academies and studios in Seattle and on America’s East Coast, Greene moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina approximately six months ago. She plans to return to America after six months of artist residencies throughout Latin America, to finish her thesis in September.

Green concluded; “I think personally this character [“Miss Greene Galicious”], more than anything is a manifestation of my own personal conflict. I’m a hybrid, culturally part Argentine but at the same time very white and American.”

What: Miss Greene Galicious Comes to Rio: Spreading the Yankee
When: Friday, January 10th, 11AM
Where: Initial meeting point at Rua Buenos Aires, near the corner of Rua Regente
Entrance: Public


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