By Jack Arnhold, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Australian DJ and Rio-based expatriate Billy Aldea-Martinez, who goes by the moniker ‘WilHvlm,’ is hoping to achieve big things in 2019, with plans to continue his mission of bringing a European-style club night model to the streets and venues of Rio de Janeiro.

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Having travelled throughout Latin America, Europe and North America, Aldea-Martinez believes that Rio de Janeiro provides a great emerging market, lifestyle, and plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship, photo internet reproduction.

“When I arrived to Rio as a lover of electronic music and DJ, I could not find venues, as you can in Ibiza, that weren’t dedicated to electronic pop-music.” he explains. “So I started hosting events once I met with a well-respected Finnish-Brazilian DJ, Kaarlo, who had also just arrived from Finland, and we realized that we needed to bring the European model to Rio.”

Aldea-Martinez has since gone on to found club night promoters ‘Rio Underground,’ along with ‘Rio Sunset Sessions,’ and ‘Lost & Found,’ playing venues such as Bar do Nanam in Rio’s city center, as well as one of the most exciting new nightclubs in the city, Dama de Aço.

They also often host regular DJ spots along the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, at ‘quiosques’ (informal beach bars) such as Abracadabra and Buenos Aires.

“Starting out is always a challenge, but by risking, you start meeting other people that are aligned with your vision and are willing to join you in the venture.” Aldea-Martinez comments. Currently, he is collaborating with local fixtures DJ Viktor Lins and DJ Keer, with the aim of bringing more European DJs to the Cidade Maravilhosa.

“With my partners, we are dedicated to bringing the best European electronic music scene to the average Brazilian, without the over hyped commercial model. For example, we host many free parties.” He says.

This weekend, Aldea-Martinez is hosting two free parties, Rio Rooftop on Saturday, January 5th, and Rio Sunset Sessions on Sunday, January 6th. The parties are invite only, with guests able to put their name on each list via WhatsApp. More information will be uploaded to both sites shortly.

2019 is already looking to be a busy year for Aldea-Martinez, who has many big plans. “I want to invite more European DJs to play in Rio, launch a record label – Ipanema Records – and do a Latin American tour with other local and international artists.”


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