By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Saturday, June 7th and Sunday 8th, the Babilonia Feira Hype returns to Leblon’s Clube Monte Líbano. The popular monthly Rio fair also known as BFH, began in Rio eighteen years ago as a way to showcase creative up-and-coming fashion brands and art to provide Rio residents with something new and different to do on weekends. It also includes live performances by promising new musicians and bands.

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The Babilonia Feira Hype showcases creative fashion brands, art for 140 exhibitors, photo by Filipe Marques/IHateFlash courtesy of Babilonia Feira Hype.

This weekend’s edition of BFH will spotlight, with its 140 exhibitors, ‘Dia dos Namorados’, Brazilian Valentine’s Day, which falls on June 12th; the World Cup, which also opens on June 12th, and the Festas Juninas, which are traditional celebrations of three Catholic solemnities held throughout the country during the month of June.

Co-creator of the BFH Robert Guimarães told The Rio Times that featured exhibitors will highlight; “World Cup products including printed t-shirts from Naoza; kids swimwear from Banho Maria; women’s t-shirts from Artti Rio and Win e Trendy; and the therapy, exercise and fitness balls of Atelier Des Idées.”

For Dia dos Namorados, Guimarães said; “Brands like DoCaíque, Lola, Ame Bijoux, Atelier Loka, Devonshire, Soul Rio Jóias, Le Berbat, Mimppy e Jasmim Manga sell incredible products to give to girlfriends and boyfriends.” Also, for available cuisine at the fair, the exhibitors have added to their menus foods that are traditionally eaten during the Festas Juninas including, Quentão, Pé de Moleque, Canjica, Tapioca and Milho Verde, among others.

The performers providing the live music for the fair were curated by Thiago Vedova, a music producer, who hosts events that promote new and innovative artists and bands.The shows will take place on Clube Monte Líbano’s balcony with its beautiful views of both Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) on top of Corcovado Mountain and the Lagoa.

João Brasil , Brazil, Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro,  Dia dos Namorados, Copa do Mundo, Festas Juninas, Fairs in Rio, Vendors in Rio, Live Music in Rio, Fashion in Rio, Art in Rio
Rio music producer João Brasil will perform with Letícia Novaes June 8th on the Clube Monte Líbano balcony as part of the June Edition of the BFH, press image.

Singer Mahmundi and Kassin will perform on Saturday, June 7th beginning at 6PM and Richard L and DJ Andre Pipipi, will play beginning at 7PM. On Sunday, June 8th, João Brasil and Letícia Novaes will perform at 6PM with Moreira and Luiz Jeveaux following at 7PM. “The live shows at BFH make it an even more charming and fun event,” said Guimarães, adding “It’s a great opportunity to watch artists on the rise.”

The Babilonia Feira Hype began in 1996 when Guimarães, an actor, filmmaker and Carioca (Rio resident), and São Paulo native and then art producer Fernando Molinari were inspired by European fairs and wanted to offer Rio residents more fashion options and an alternate activity on weekends.

“Our idea at the time was to facilitate changes in habits for the consumption of fashion and art in Rio,” Guimarães explained. “We started it as a a challenge to learn how to be fashionable. We wanted to help consumers put together their styles more creatively without using only famous labels.”

“We took the street market fair atmosphere, added a playground and party feel with DJs, fun and culture and with this mixture we created the format of the Babilônia Feira Hype,” said Guimarães. “In less than one year, the Fair Hype was already beloved by the public, attracting each over fifteen thousand people to each edition. That success helped to kick start various brands including; Farm, Espaço Fashion, Reserva, Foxton, Via Mia, Alessa and hundreds of others that have emerged on the fashion scene in Rio.”

During the eighteen years that followed the first edition, a total of 340 editions have been held, with over 5,000 new brands launched and more than 3.5 million attendees to the events, according to Guimarães.

What: Babilonia Feira Hype
When: June 7th and 8th, 2PM-10PM
Where: Clube Monte Líbano, Av Borges de Medeiros 701, Leblon
Entrance: R$10


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