By Fiona Hurrell, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Rio’s resident group of expat DJ’s, the “Botafogo Social Club” (BSC), will be celebrating their two year anniversary by taking to the decks at Casa Alto Vidigal on Saturday, May 5th. Having made the rounds at many of Rio’s clubs and bars, DJ’s Doug Gray, Mike Frugaletti, and Tee Cardaci, along with Jan Roldanus, are known for their distinctive house and dance music styles that, according to Gray, includes “a few old classics, some fresh electronica and a hefty slab of funk.”

Clubbers on the dance floor at a previous BSC event, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News.
Clubbers on the dance floor at a previous BSC event, photo provided by Tee Cardaci.

Looking back on their time to date, Gray reminisces “It’s been a great two years. The Carnival parties at Blue Agave were my favorite though; playing to a Carnival crowd with your mates can’t really be beaten. Now we get to have a residents party to mark those two years and we’ll get to play longer sets than usual.”

In terms of music style at the anniversary event, Frugaletti reveals that it will consist of “a mixture of funk ‘n’ soul, and rare groove, but also be ready for a showcase of some serious house music.”

For DJ Tee Cardaci, May’s event is not only a celebration of the Botafogo Social Club’s success, it also happens to fall on his birthday. He admits: “To be able to celebrate the two year anniversary of our party on the same night as I’m celebrating my birthday is the best present ever and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend it with than our BSC family and fans!”

Situated at the top of Vidigal, club and guesthouse, Casa Alto Vidigal offers superb views across Ipanema and Leblon beaches, creating the perfect venue for a night of music and dancing. Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time the BSC have chosen to host an event there.

The BSC DJ's will be celebrating their two year anniversary at Casa Alto Vidigal,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The BSC DJ's will be celebrating their two year anniversary at Casa Alto Vidigal, promotional flyer.

Gray explains “Casa Alto Vidigal is just a really unique spot, people’s jaws drop when they see the view for the first time and it’s always a good mix of Brazilians and foreigners up there.”

Cardaci agrees, adding, “With Alto Vidigal, you have the openness of the space combined with what I consider to be Rio’s most majestic view, hands down. Those that make it till morning are rewarded with what has to be one of the most beautiful sites on this planet […] The sun rising over the sea and illuminating Leblon and Ipanema with the Lagoa, Cristo and Pão de Açúcar in the distance. Breathtaking.”

Having already built up an impressive resume of events and guest DJ’s, which have included the likes of “acid Jazz” DJ Gilles Peterson, one requires little encouragement to attend the event.

Cardaci adds: “Those who have been to our parties understand what makes them so special. It’s just about getting sweaty with a dance floor full of smiling faces that just ‘get it’.”

The Botafogo Social Club will be playing at Casa Alto Vidigal on Saturday May 5th from 10:30 PM until 7AM. Tickets cost R$15 with guest list and R$20 without guest list. All tickets can be purchased at the door.


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