By Fiona Hurrell, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With the December party season heavily underway, a group of expatriate DJ’s known as the ‘Botafogo Social Club’ will be adding their own indelible mark on the nightlife scene this Saturday with an event titled ‘Classics’. The group consists of American, Mike Frugaletti and Brits Doug Gray and Jan Roldanus, AKA ‘the Preacher’, plus two new editions to the line-up in the form of Carioca guest DJ’s Nepal and André Araújo.

Botofogo Social Club Classics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Saturday night Classics at Ipanema’s Laje Lounge at Barzin, image by Botofogo Social Club.

Fans of the Botafogo Social Club will know the group from their regular ‘first-Friday-of-the-month’ sets at their usual haunt, Cafe Midi, in Botafogo.

This week however, as part of their pre-Christmas event and in honor of Frugaletti’s Birthday, the DJ’s will be spinning a mixture of modern and future classics on the decks at recently refurbished Barzin in Ipanema.

Speaking of his anticipation, Frugaletti states “It’s going to be great to be together again at this great “freshly remodeled” location. The fact that my birthday is tied into it makes it even that much better.”

The event will take place in the upstairs lounge of Brazin, known as “Laje”, a modern and trendy space that provides the perfect accompaniment to a hip soundtrack, which DJ Doug Gray explains will include “A few updates of a few classics probably, but it’ll be hip-hop, house and funk all the way, a chance to wield a few oldies but goodies.”

The various sets will aim to introduce a different music vibe, in-keeping with the individual styles and tastes of each DJ, also ensuring there are sounds to suit all tastes.

Frugaletti explains “You can always expect to hear a nice variety of hip hop, funk n soul, Brazilian, rare groove, disco, house, or whatever we pull from the crates that night.”

He goes on to add “The thing about our parties is that each DJ has their own style and taste in music, we are aiming at hits from the 80’s n 90’s, so I can promise to anticipate the best from each style.”

Birthday host and DJ Mike Frugaletti at a previous Botafogo Social Club event, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
Birthday host and DJ Mike Frugaletti, photo provided by Mike Frugaletti.

Both Gray and Frugaletti are delighted that the group has managed to attract a diverse crowd in Rio de Janeiro. Gray reveals “We usually get a good mix of Brazilians and foreigners, and built up a great, music-loving crowd at our old home in Botafogo, so hopefully they’ll follow us to Ipanema.”

Frugaletti agrees, affirming “The name Botafogo Social Club could not apply more, because we have such a variety of music and people, it is just a recipe for a good time.”

The event comes with ardent recommendation from DJ Frugaletti who guarantees that it will be a night to remember, “People should come by Barzin if they are feeling the mood to dance. Our parties always give off nothing more than a solid positive vibe with funky top notch music.”

Botafogo Social Club presents Classics will take place in Laje lounge located in the upstairs area of Barzin on Rua Vinícius de Moraes, 75 – Ipanema from 10:30 – 4AM. Entrance fees are: R$25 before midnight, R$35 after midnight with guest list and R$50 after midnight without guest list. For more information about the event, visit the facebook page.


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