By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – During the upcoming Olympic Games, three areas in Rio de Janeiro will host free screenings of the events on high-definition big screens, for the public, in addition to hosting free live concerts and cultural attractions. The three main areas are located in Madureira in the city’s Zona Norte (North Zone); Campo Grande located in the Zone Oeste (West Zone); and Praça Mauá in the Zona Portuária (Port Zone).

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Madureira Parque (Madureira Park) in the city’s North Zone will host Boulevard Olímpico events during the Olympics, photo by J.P.ENGELBRECHT/Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro.

At Praça Mauá there will live performances on three stages; the Palco Encontros, the Palco Tendências, and the Palco Amanhã. The Palco Encontros will host two shows per day at 1PM and at 8PM.

Performers on that stage will include Preta Gil, Orquestra Imperial, Jaloo, Johnny Hooker, Elza Soares, Alice Caymmi, Fernanda Abreu with Mart’nália, Silva, Dona Onete, and Dream Team do Passinho, among others.

The Palco Tendências will host one show a day at 4PM and at 3PM on Sundays. Performers on that stage will include Roda de Samba da Pedra do Sal, Afro Jazz, Rita Lima, and Baile Black Bom, among others. The Palco Amanhã will host one show a day at 5PM with performers including Larissa Luz, Matheus VK, and Desumanos, among others.

In addition to the live performances on the stages at Praça Mauá, on Avenida Rodrigues Alves there is an approximately 3,000 square-meter mural on display. Created by São Paulo artist Eduardo Kobra, best known simply as Kobra, the piece entitled “Todos somos um” (We Are All One) features the faces of five indigenous people, each representing a different continent. The number five was also chosen in reference to the number of Olympic rings.

Madureira Park, the location of the Olympic rings structure, will host one live show per day at 6PM or 8PM beginning Auguts 5th and continuing through August 21st. The performers there will include Velha Guarda Da Mangueira, Afrofunk Rio, and Velha Guarda da Mocidade, among others.

In Campo Grande, the Boulevard Olímpico Miécimo da Silva will host live shows beginning August 4th and continuing through August 21st. Performers there will include Ludilla, Nego do Borel, and Anitta, among others.

Additionally beginning on August 9th and continuing through August 21st, there will be daily Encontro de carnavais (Carnival Meetings) at at Praça XV from 3PM to 8PM.

For complete programming and additional information about events, cultural attractions, stores, and more see the Boulevard Olímpico website and


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